Drink The Fizz With The Drinkmate Carbonated Beverage Maker

Drinkmate Carbonated Beverage Maker
Soda, for all its shortcomings, has one thing going for it — carbonization. It’s what makes the “fizz” that gives the liquid a better taste. Argue that the next time you drink a soda that’s gone “flat” and you’d lose. But carbonization can improve a lot of different types of drinks that don’t have scads of sugar, providing you have a way of getting it. An easy method is to to make space in your kitchen or office for the DrinkMate Carbonated Beverage Maker.

The DrinkMate is basically a device that injects liquid with CO2 gas — harmless obviously or the FDA (Food & Drug Administration) would never have approved its use. The physical design has a small footprint — resembling a tall cylinder with space to place a bottle beneath it; the special detachable Fizz Infuser being screwed onto the bottle first. The bottle then slides into position and is held in place so that a valve system can allow the gas to enter the bottle. The gas is coming from an interior positioned CO2 cylinder — either a small one (sold in packs of 6) able to satisfy up to 10 Liters of liquid or a large cylinder able to satisfy up to 60 Liters. You press a tab that releases the CO2 gas through the Infuser that then goes into the bottle. Release the tab and the gas stops flowing. So the more presses the more carbonization goes into the liquid (and the sooner the CO2 cylinder is used up). There’s no batteries or electricity involved whatsoever. Then it’s a simple task to remove the bottle from its positioning, press on the infuser to purge the excess CO2 and unscrew it. Now you can pour the bottle’s contents into a glass,

So the purpose of all this is to turn a bland drink into something to excite the tongue. Uses it on plain water and you now have seltzer (free of salt, who needs that?). Hit apple juice or orange juice with it and suddenly soda takes a back seat. Or use it to pump up a glass of soda or beer that’s gone “flat” to restore it to health (and to send it down your throat). Of course it’s only the special drinkmate bottles that are getting the “fizz” treatment, so you’ll be transferring the liquid of whatever you want to drink to the bottle to be infused.

The DrinkMate uses replaceable CO2 cartridges, but don’t worry that all the hard work at being “green” is now wasted. Once an initial purchase of a CO2 cylinder is made, getting more when needed just requires returning the empty for a replacement costing less than the initial one did (and can be found at a number of retail outlets — the smaller CO2 cylinder being replaceable through Drinkmate directly).

The DrinkMate Carbonated Beverage Maker comes in swan white, metallic red or matt black and has different retail prices, depending on the CO2 cylinders and bottles includes (as an example, the starter kit retails for $98 and includes a 3oz CO2 tank, plus one extra 1 Liter bottle and one 0.5L bottle). The Bottles (compatible with other brands), the CO2 cylinders and a spare Fizz Infuser are also available optionally. There’s plenty of liquids that can benefit from getting “fizzed” so part of the fun is going to be experimenting. And drinking.

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