The Drinkmate Spritzer Is Portable Carbonation Anywhere

Drinkmate Spritzer
Everyone knows that drinking water is a necessity for good health. But everyone also knows that water doesn’t come with any taste on its own — that’s why there are so many different types of drinks. But don’t ignore how water can taste, not to mention other drinks if carbonation is added. That’s right, adding “bubbles” to a drink makes it taste so much better (and hey it’s fun how it can tickle the nose too). But what choice do you have other than lugging bottles of carbonated drinks around when you’re in the backyard or at the beach or camping or doing anything where you’re miles from home? The answer to the question you didn’t even know you were asking is the Drinkmate Spritzer.

The Spritzer is a hand-held carbonation device: it’s like those uprights sitting in the kitchen but here it’s truly portable because the “counter” is you and wherever you go the Spritzer can go too. But for those who don’t have one yet, the way it works is that it has a replaceable 3 ounce or 14.5 ounce carbonation cylinder inside the handle which supplies the “fizz” that’s going to go into a bottle that’s been filled with water or juice or tea, a sports drink or wine or even beer. This is a specialized bottle that all the carbonation devices use, and which is BPA free of course.

Now the way that the bottle attaches to the Spritzer is different than that of the others. You don’t just screw the bottle onto the end of the Spritzer — instead there’s a special cap (called an infuser) that gets screwed on first. This enables the bottle to be cavaliered onto the Spritzer in one fluid motion. Then just pump the handle like you were pulling a trigger to make things happen. Once done, disengage the infuser and release excess gas from the bottle with a simple tab pull (or press a button for a quicker and louder gas release). Unscrew the infuser from the bottle, pour the contents into glasses and it’s drinks all the way around.

Available in 3 colors — metallic black, metallic red and pewter — the Drinkmate Spritzer retails for $89.99 can even be converted with optional accessories so that it can stand on the counter top (this also allows for the use of the larger 60 Liter carbonation cartridge. Now there’s no excuse for not having fizz, flavor and fun wherever you are.

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