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My drip coffee maker included the easiest way to clean it with vinegar. It turns out sparkling clean and no longer puffs out steam because of mineral build-up. We have hard water. Even though it’s filtered through a reverse osmosis system, it the 12-cup system eventually requires cleaning. The evidence is left behind in the paper coffee filter. I’m sharing my directions for cleaning a Mr. Coffee maker with white vinegar for those who have lost their information. 

Keep a Large Bottle of Vinegar On Hand

I finally decided to keep a large bottle of while distilled vinegar on hand. The easiest way to clean a drip coffee machine  is also the cheapest, and I was usually never prepared. When the red cleaning indicator light came on, either I was out of vinegar or I didn’t have enough. I kept buying a small bottle instead of the largest one available. It’s a natural cleaning product with many more uses. If you’re going to learn how to use vinegar to unplug a coffee maker, it’s best to buy it by the gallon. You’ll save money, and you won’t run out nearly as quickly. Keep in mind that it takes four cups of vinegar to clean a 12-cup drip coffeemaker.

The Easiest Way to Clean a Drip Coffeemaker with Vinegar

  • Empty and wash the coffee pot and the filter basket
  • Fill the carafe with four cups of distilled white vinegar
  • Line the filter basket with a clean liner
  • Pour the vinegar into the water chamber
  • Turn on the cleaning setting
  • The automatic drip coffeemaker will process the vinegar
  • Dump the vinegar and remove the paper liner
  • Run a full pot of clean water through the system using the regular brewing cycle
  • You might have to repeat the rinsing process three or four times to remove the vinegar
  • Wipe the inside lid with a clean damp cloth
  • The drip coffeemaker should be ready for use again


Mr. Coffee Coffeemaker Cleaner - For All Automatic Drip Units ,pack of 2Mr. Coffee Coffeemaker Cleaner – For All Automatic Drip Units, pack of 2

Alternatives to Using Vinegar

My husband can’t stand the odor or flavor of vinegar. No matter how many times I rinse our auto drip coffee machine after cleaning it, he swears that he can still taste the bitter flavor. Even though one of the best ways to keep a drip coffee machine dripping smoothly is also the cheapest, I’ve switched to a Mr. Coffee Coffeemaker Cleaner – For All Automatic Drip Units. It’s a pack of two, and it doesn’t leave behind a bad taste or odor. It’s also non-acidic and won’t harm the interior workings of the coffeemaker. It also claims to work better than white vinegar.

I’m just glad that my husband isn’t complaining about the coffee after cleaning the system. I used to run clear water through it several times instead of just three or four. Vinegar provides an easy way to clean a drip coffee maker. Unfortunately, the steam gets into places that can’t be reached. It wouldn’t hurt even if some of it remained behind. I couldn’t taste it after rinsing the appliance. However, if my husband could detect it, I wouldn’t blame him for wanting an alternative cleaning method. Not everyone can tolerate the odor of the flavor of distilled white vinegar, especially in their coffee.

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