Durable Highly Visible School Backpack

A durable highly visible school backpack was of the utmost importance for my kids. They had to wait for the bus along our rural road, and I wanted to make sure that drivers could see them. Durability was another major factor since I knew that my kids could be rough on knapsacks. I also wanted a satchel without dangling straps, even if it meant trimming them off and melting the frayed edges. We’ve all heard horror stories about straps becoming caught on school bus doors and the drivers not seeing the kids. Unfortunately, they’re still available today. Safety is an important factor, and it should be top-priority.

They Are Ideal for Kids of All Ages

My four oldest kids are grown and out of school, but I have two grandsons. One is in school, and I wanted to provide his supplies this year. I could have allowed him to choose, but it is more important for him to be seen by drivers than it is for him to have the latest cartoon character. He also has to wait at a bus stop, and although I’m sure that he’s careful, I also worry that he won’t be seen. He would have chosen Batman, but a superhero wouldn’t come to his rescue if the knapsack wasn’t safe.

I went on a quest to find a sturdy high-visibility book bag, and I think that I’ve found one of the best. It’s not the most expensive, but it’s certainly not the cheapest either. I believe that it’s a quality knapsack with good safety features. I would rather go with a sturdy choice to begin with than have to replace it midyear. However, his welfare is still my greatest concern. He had to have one of the best bright-colored satchels that was designed with visibility in mind.

I Chose One of the Safest Book Bags Available

I selected the High Sierra Composite Backpack that you see pictured on the left. I love it for a number of reasons. My grandson loves it too. It’s a cool looking design with numerous pockets and stylish features. It’s not an ordinary discount store option, and he’s already received many compliments. I’ve driven him to school many times, and I haven’t seen another child carrying the same one. It’s available in six other colors and patterns.

High Sierra Composite Backpack, Peach Fizz/Ash/ZestHigh Sierra Composite Backpack, Peach Fizz/Ash/Zest$16.10


As I’ve continued to reiterate, safety is and always will be my greatest concern. I selected it because I want my grandson to be seen while crossing the road and while waiting for the bus. It can be a little foggy and dark when he is picked up. That’s scary for parents, grandparents, care providers and drivers.

Someone can’t always stand on the corner with my grandson, and in time he won’t want to stand with an adult. He has to learn to be careful, and his mother and I have taught him road and bus  rules. If a child of the appropriate age is never taught how to cross a street, they will be in danger. I want him to know what to do, but I also want to provide him with the best bus safety gear for kids. That’s why I chose the one that I did.  

Features and Details of the High Sierra Knapsack

  • Bright colors for high visibility
  • Reflective strip for greater safety
  • Roomy main compartment
  • Heavy-duty double zippers
  • Durable high-visibility school backpack for the price
  • Many extra pockets and compartments
  • Headphone port in media pocket
  • Attached key fob
  • Webbed side pockets for water bottles
  • Stylish and very sturdy

It Has Great Features, Durability and Style for the Price

I’m happy with the safety features, style and price of the High Sierra. Other brightly colored top-name knapsacks were twice the price, and they were likely too large for an elementary school student. They didn’t include reflective markings either. The one that I found is perfect elementary school through college, and I’m hoping that it will last for more than a single term. However, most kids want new gear at the start of each school year, even if their old one is still in perfect condition.

It’s Hard to Find a Safe Bag for Kids That Ride the Bus

It wasn’t easy to find the aforementioned satchel. I can’t even begin to tell you how long I searched. I wanted one that was deemed safe for bus riders, but it seems that most focus on style and pocket size instead of important concerns. With the number of kids that have been caught by their straps on school bus doors, I was extremely surprised that styles haven’t changed. Strings were removed from hoods after countless kids were strangled on playground equipment. However, back pack straps remain the same.

It’s up to parents, grandparents and caregivers to make sure that kids in their care are safe, even if it means trimming and altering the straps. They should consider more than size and style when shopping for a knapsack. It’s of the utmost importance to find a durable highly visible school backpack instead of selecting a certain character or theme. Whether you select the pack that I did or another one altogether, please take certain features into major consideration. It could become a matter of life and death when your child must deal with traffic. 

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