A Very Dysfunctional United States

How and why did the United States become so dysfunctional? Is it because of leadership or because there’s a lot of people with a lot of issues? Whatever “the reasons” are. The fact remains the country is in a state. Meaning in bad shape. There seems to be more war than love. Individuals don’t even follow any rules anymore. Just chaos and destruction. The leadership which occurred many years ago is gone. Seems to be more clown displays than anything. Bullying in politics and politicians abusing their power. 

What a mess we’re in. Other countries “observing” and probably are wondering about the leadership here in the Untied States. Doesn’t appear to be much leadership going on. With so many breaking laws. There will continue to be a decline. Not to mention all of the budget cuts which have occurred. Cutting budgets in areas which need the focus and attention. Education for one. The spending habits are and were a problem. 

There’s certainly is a lack of compassion. The homelessness problem is “still” a major problem. So many living on the streets, eating out of garbage cans, or sleeping in their cars. They may not want the homeless people to sleep in certain areas but where shall the homeless ones go? There seems to be focus on areas which make no sense at all. Instead of the focus being on the injustices and other very important issues. There seems to be focus on foolishness. 

Politics shouldn’t involve abuse of power or bigotry. There’s no need to wonder if the country is unstable. There’s plenty of “proof.” Just observe a bit and find that we’re in a state of desperation. Some taking risks which are unnecessary. Not caring about others. A lot of selfishness and a lot of bullying. The tactics which are used are so silly. No seriousness at all. There is a time to have fun but when there’s business to be conducted. There shouldn’t be a lot of child play. 

When will the “Untied States” come together? Who knows when. As long as individuals don’t take matters seriously then there will be a continuous decline within the United States. There’s more attacks on one another and other countries have and are taking notice. Does the Untied States look like the dumbest country? Yes indeed. Most certainly. There’s no denying that the country has many issues. There’s no denying that certain individuals will be able to get away with more than others. 

We’re far from being stable. There’s a lot of people who believe their in authority to make certain decisions when they’re not. Invading in businesses which are in no way their business. There’s been many conversations about how invasive “this country” is. More in tuned with creating problems instead of finding solutions. As long as the mentality stays the same then we’ll continue to fall deeper into a hole. 

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