Ear Plugs for Dogs for Swimming- Prevent Dog Ear Infections

Ear plugs for dogs for swimming help to prevent swimmer’s ear. If your dog swims frequently, ear plugs are a good investment which help to stop ear infections. Using dog ear plugs to keep water from entering the ear canal will help to keep your dog from experiencing unnecessary pain and discomfort.

Dog Swimming




Good dog ear plugs keep small bits of debris from entering the ear as well. Your dog can enjoy playing with your family in a pool or in other bodies of water. No matter what size or type of mix they are, you can usually find a dog ear plugs size that is just the right fit for them.

 A Dog Swimming



Dog Ear Protection

A solution such as Zymox helps provide complete ear protection for dogs. Zymox prevents an ear infection along with dog ear plugs. Zymox:

Attacks pus

Treats yeast infections

Treats red, smelly, waxy ears

Stops head shaking and itching


The itching that accompanies swimmer’s ear can cause dogs to scratch at their ear with their claws. In turn, this can cause bruising, bleeding and more serious damage to the ear. Always dry your dog’s ears after they swim and use a solution such as Panodry or Zymox to help prevent an ear infection.

Good ear plugs for dogs that are used for swimming are sometimes shaped like a cap, preventing anything from entering your dog’s ears. Brands like Aquabandit are good whether you’re bathing your dog or teaching them to surf. Mutt Muffs ear protection for dogs help with sound.

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