An Easy Way to Tell if the Mail Was Delivered

Do you need an easy way to tell if the mail was delivered because you have a long driveway? Exercise is great, but no one wants to trek a half mile in inclement weather just to find out that it hasn’t yet arrived. That can be very frustrating! Driving down to the road isn’t ideal either. It’s a big waste of gas. Consider the following easy mail alert gadgets. If you can see the box, you’ll know whether or not the door was opened when using the visual system. It’s super easy to attach and reset. As long as you have a clear shot, it’s also easy to see. If you can’t see the mailbox from the house, you still have an option. It’s for those who must have an audio indicator. Both are phenomenal tools for those with long driveways.  

Easy Way to Tell if the Mail Was Delivered | Long Driveway

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Don’t Leave the Flag Up On an Empty Mailbox 

First and foremost, never purposely leave the flag up on an empty mailbox. It’s not meant to be used as a delivery indicator. You might not realize it, but the mail person doesn’t have to take outgoing items. However, many make it a point to stop, even when they won’t be leaving anything. Imagine their frustration if the box is empty after stopping for outgoing mail. Accidents happen, but they will quit retrieving outgoing mail if you repeatedly misuse the flag. It isn’t a wise idea. In fact, it’s extremely inconsiderate. What you need is an easy way to tell if the mail was delivered.

Mail Delivery Alert Flags are a Great Solution for Some

Mail delivery flags are available for those with long driveways. Like I said, audio mail indicators are available as well, but you must choose wisely or it isn’t going to work. Use one or the other and you won’t have a problem if you can’t tell if the mail was delivered. You won’t have to walk or drive to the box for nothing. 

It’s a Way to Save Unnecessary Trips to the Mailbox

Mail Time! ? Yellow Mailbox Alert Flag for Long DrivewaysMail Time Yellow Mailbox Alert Flag for Long Driveways


It’s a Visual Indicator for the Mailbox 

If you can see the top of your mailbox from your house, a visual mail indicator will solve your problem. The simple design is highly visible and extremely durable. It’s made in the USA, and it will prevent unnecessary trips to collect mail that hasn’t been delivered. It fits most box styles. Take a look at the specs, and see if it will work for your needs. It’s a phenomenal problem-solver for those with long driveways because it’s an easy way to tell if the mail was delivered. When installed correctly it works flawlessly. 

Most Wireless Mailbox Indicators Only Work Up to 300 Feet

Those who can’t see the top of their mailbox from their home or the area just beyond their door can still can’t use a flag to tell when the mail is delivered, but they can use an audio signaler. In short, it’s a wireless mail alert system. Yes, you can buy wireless mailbox indicators, but they’re not very good. Most have a wireless range of just 300 feet. That isn’t far enough. You might as well go out and check if it’s that close to the house. You can use a much better option when you need an easy way to tell if the mail was delivered, especially if your driveway is extremely long.

Use a Long-Range Wireless Motion Sensor Instead of a Wireless Mailbox Delivery Alert

The following unit is a motion detector, and it has a half-mile radio range. Your home can be about a half-mile from the box and you’ll receive an audio alert when the lid is opened if you install it on the inside lid of the box. It could also be strategically installed to alert when someone approaches the box, but you’d have to figure out the exact distance to avoid false alerts when cars go by. Take a look, and decide if it will work for your audio mail delivery alert needs. You don’t have to worry about missing the alert. You’ll be able to see when it was last triggered after the most recent reset.  

This Audio Alert System Has a Wireless Range of One-Half Mile

Dakota Alert DCMA-2500 Driveway Motion Alert 2500' Kit (Green White)Dakota Alert DCMA-2500 Driveway Motion Alert 2500′ Kit (Green White)

Both Provide an Easy Way to Tell if the Mail Was Delivered

Both of the aforementioned options are ideal for those who want an easy way to tell if the mail was delivered. They’re ideal for those who are physically disabled, pressed for time, or those who just don’t want to hike to the road. One is a flag alert system, and the other one has four audio signals to choose from. The one that you choose will depend on whether or not you can see the mailbox from the house. Which one do you need? Either mailbox delivery alert gadget will save you from needless time-consuming trips to the box. Remember – don’t leave the red flag up if you don’t have outgoing mail!

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