Easy Way to Unclog a Blocked Toilet

Are you looking for an easy way to unclog a blocked toilet without using a plunger? I found a very effective way to do it without using a snake or a professional plumber. I wasn’t willing to pay anyone to clear the clog. I didn’t want to invest in a plumbing tool either. The last thing that I wanted to do was deal with the mess. I wanted a good way to unblock the toilet. It had to be cheap, clean, and simple. I had tried everything else. Even my usual hot water and grease-cutting soap solution didn’t work. I was about ready to call it quits. 

You Can Clear a Clog without Plunging the Toilet

The solution was in my kitchen cupboard, and it wasn’t baking soda or vinegar. It wasn’t natural, but it was much, much better. On the other hand, it wasn’t harsh or potentially dangerous either. Try my frugal method of busting a toilet clog before giving up. It’s a super easy solution that plumbers and drain product manufacturers won’t appreciate. They’re going to lose business when word gets around. It couldn’t get any cheaper or easier! You can clear a toilet clog without plunging or paying a plumber. The following method is an easy way to unclog a blocked toilet. It worked flawlessly for me. 

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A Simple Product That Works to Clear a Clogged Toilet 

My easy way to unclog a blocked toilet was clean and frugal. I did it without using a plunger, a snake, or a professional plumber. It didn’t start out well, though. The water drained out of the bowl, but the problem wasn’t solved. The next time the toilet was flushed, the water level didn’t drop. I was lucky that it didn’t overflow! I still had that nasty clog to deal with. It wasn’t clearing itself. We couldn’t use that toilet, and the bathroom smelled like a sewer. I had to fix it as quickly and as easily as possible. 

My mind suddenly shifted to products on hand. When my glass bakeware is coated with burned-on food and grease, I soak it in hot water and dishwasher detergent. That’s not to be confused with dishwashing liquid. It wouldn’t do much of anything. I figured that if dishwasher gel had the power to dissolve and loosen burned chicken fat and BBQ sauce, it would surely work to break up a toilet clog. After all, it was just biodegradable paper and human waste. It wasn’t cement, but it sure seemed like it! I needed to know how to unclog a toilet without a plunger, and I made one last attempt. 

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An Effective and Easy Way to Unclog a Blocked Toilet without a Plunger or a Snake

This is an easy way to unclog a blocked toilet, and it’s also very frugal. That’s my kind of solution! I started by emptying the bathroom waste paper can. I filled it with hot tap water and a big dollop of dishwasher gel. I had nothing to lose. I poured it in when the water was at the lowest level. I let it work its magic for about 15 minutes. I added another gallon of hot water in an attempt to manually flush the toilet. That way it wouldn’t overflow if it was still clogged, and I would know if it worked. Much to my surprise, it flushed! My DIY toilet clog solution worked like magic. Try dishwasher soap and hot water, and repeat if necessary. Hopefully, my frugal way to unclog a toilet will work for you too. 


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