Easy Way to Water New Trees While on Vacation

Do you need an easy way to water new trees while on vacation? You can’t always count on a neighbor or family member to keep them trees properly hydrated for days on end. If it doesn’t rain you might come home to dying and/or damaged roots and foliage. You can’t count on Mother Nature to do the job either. It’s a good idea to plan ahead and come up with a self-watering system for newly planted trees. Consider the following options, and provide them with the proper hydration as long as it’s needed. They’re an investment that you need to protect for a number of reasons. 

Easy Way to Water New Trees While on Vacation

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Why It’s Risky to Have Others Water While You’re Gone

You might think that having someone water your trees is a simple solution, but it could be a problem. When I went on vacation last year I had a friend water, and I came back to a spigot that was left on. The hose nozzle was off, but that didn’t stop it from leaking. As a result, a big rust stain formed on the concrete patio, and the well pump still had to work on and off for days on end as the holding tank drained. I wasn’t happy, but I didn’t say anything. It would have created another problem. I knew that in the future I’d had to find an easy way to water outdoor plants while on vacation. I couldn’t just hope that someone would do what I asked. I didn’t want to come home to healthy trees and plants and a burned up pump. Water can’t be left dripping all day long when you have a well. If you have a water bill it can cost a small fortune.  

Tree Bags and Self-Watering Containers with Stakes Will Not Work

I’ve done lots of research on the subject of self-watering solutions for trees. I’ve also looked into irrigation bags, but they won’t work for days. They’re meant to empty out within a matter of five or six hours. Their primary function is to fully soak the roots around newly planted trees. They aren’t a good solution when you’ll be gone for days or weeks at a time. It’s best to use an automatic sprinkler system, but it doesn’t have to be extensive or underground. Proper absorption is also vital. 

These Provide an Easy Way to Water New Trees While on Vacation

The idea is to get the water to the tender new tree roots, and without providing too much. When seeking an easy way to water new trees while on vacation, invest in a high-quality sprinkler with a built-in timer and absorbent tree rings. They’re a form of permanent mulch. The rings will hold and slowly release moisture where it’s needed the most. It won’t run off, and it will prevent it from pooling. It’s a great solution for watering trees while out of town or while at home when you don’t feel like refilling containers and/or tree hydration bags. Set up the sprinkler to run for 20 minutes two times a day and your trees will be fine. 

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