Easy Ways to Comb Your Hair after Neck Surgery

People without mobility issues often take the simplest of activities for granted. I found out firsthand after dealing with spine issues. Cervical spinal fusion patients should not reach, push their chin to their chest or repeatedly twist their neck for several weeks after surgery. Make the wrong move and the fusions could become crushed. Even the slightest restrictions eliminate countless activities. Hair care becomes difficult without help, but it is not impossible. Use these easy ways to comb your hair after neck surgery. Cleanliness and attention to appearance can make a person feel a whole lot better, especially while healing.

Use These Easy Ways to Comb Your Hair after Neck Surgery

I recently had my second cervical spine surgery, and it was much more serious than the first. Three discs in my neck were fused, and although I am physically limited right now, I still want to care for myself. I had to look for easy ways to comb my hair after neck surgery since it is thick, wavy and long. Through necessity, I discovered a few very helpful tools and methods.  

Easy Ways to Comb Your Hair after Neck Surgery

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Start by Slightly Altering Your Hair Care Regimen 

When seeking easy ways to comb your hair after neck surgery, begin by altering your hair care regimen. Is it really necessary to wash it every day? If not, consider washing it every other day. Apply a 50/50 combination of cornstarch and baby powder on off days, or use store-bought dry shampoo. Batiste Brand Dry Shampoo is phenomenal. Cherry is my favorite scent, but original is also great. I ordered it before going into the hospital since I wanted to be prepared. It effectively absorbs excess oil while leaving behind a fresh clean scent. It adds amazing volume too. My hair and scalp feel as if they were freshly washed and dried. I will continue using Batiste even after I heal. 

Dealing with Long Hair and a Neck Brace 

The Etac Beauty Long-Handled Brush

Photo by: K. Dalessandro

I used to wash my hair every day, but it became more of a chore after neck surgery. I have to wear a soft neck brace when I am not in the shower. At first I had to have help because of the length of my hair. It is hard to put the neck brace back on without getting my hair caught in the Velcro. My husband or my daughter gather up my long hair, and I hold it out of the way while they put my neck brace back on. At first I could not reach the back or the crown of my head with a comb or brush. I can raise my arms a little further now, but it took a few special hair care items and lots of patience before I was able to do more for myself.    

Easy Ways to Comb Your Hair after Neck Surgery

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Use an Ergonomic Long-Handled Comb and Brush

Special grooming items are available for those with limited mobility. They are invaluable tools that make it possible to take care of grooming needs. As you can see from the photo, I am able to comb my hair using an ergonomically designed long-handled comb. It makes the task much easier, and unless I have really bad tangles, I can do it myself. The long-handled curved comb makes it possible to reach my entire head. It the Etac Beauty Comb, and I highly recommend it for anyone with mobility issues. The Etac brush and the body washer are also extremely helpful tools.

Hopefully I will be able to put away the neck brace soon, but it will likely take physical therapy before I can reach the top and back of my head without a long-handled comb. My muscles were compromised, and it will take a lot of work to get back to a normal life. In the meantime, I can do most things that I used to do. I just have to do them differently.

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