Eau Good Is A Good Water Bottle

Eau Good Water Bottle
Water is good and drinking it is good too. But using and disposing of your own plastic bottle one after another adds up to a lot of waste left left lying about. So stay away from disposable bottles and get your own, is the idea that makes sense but how do you make sure the water isn’t “funky?” The answer could be Black + Blum’s Eau Good Water Bottle.

The Eau Good is a reusable water bottle you can fill up yourself. It’s not plastic — it’s glass — so it can be physically cleaned after it’s been used. That’s one good thing. Another good thing is that this bottle looks good. That might be less important in the cosmic scheme of things but why be saddled with ugly stuff? Of course that better not be the extent of the Eau Good’s abilities. So it’s not.

The tap water (or any water that is safe to drink) going into the Eau Good’s wide mouth gets altered through active charcoal filtration. Binchotan active charcoal has a long history of being used by the Japanese since the 17th Century and it’s not for making BBQ. It’s for filtering the water: the filtration removes chlorine and other undesired chemicals, and that’s yet another good thing. Add to that the fact that the process also mineralizes the water, adding calcium and iron for gaining a better tasting drink — okay, water should not be flavored but it should taste fresh and not “flat” is something that we can all agree on.

The procedure is simple — just fill up the bottle and give the charcoal time to effect its changes. An hour will “see” improvement, but if you’ve the patience and can work ahead, 4 hours will be good and 8 hours will be even better.

Now as should be obvious, the charcoal works by being inside the bottle. Expect to get about 3 months of usage, then it needs to be given a recharge. That’s done by boiling it in water and letting it dry out in the sun. This restores “oomph” to the charcoal so you can stick it back inside the bottle and go your merry way for about another 6 months. Then it’ll be time to get a new charcoal filter. The old one can be rejiggered for use as a deodorizer or used on soil as a fertilizer. In other words, throwing it out isn’t necessary,

The Eau Good Water Bottle has a 800ml capacity, is BPA free and comes in an assortment of colors. It retails for $34.95.

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