eCheck Payment in Progress (Paid by Bubblews Today!)

Screenshot of email, taken by author.

Screenshot of email, taken by author.

You’ve got mail!

Anyone else remember that charming little melody AOL would play every time you get an email? I don’t care how old you get, that’s still catchy!

As a stay at home/work at home mommy, there is nothing I love more than getting an email that tells me that I’ve got some money, honey!

I wrote an article on Daily Two Cents about a month ago telling you guys that I was close to pushing that button.

I had someone ask me in the comments section if I would mind giving them an update to let them know whether or not I actually got paid.

To my surprise, I just got an email informing me that an echeck/payment would be clearing by the end of the week! This is actually kind of perfect timing. I have a couple bills that are due on the 15th. So, it’ll clear the day before that and maybe I’ll have a little money after I pay those bills. This was never money I counted on having – so, it’ll be extra money either way it goes. 

Overall, this has been/will be a pretty good week for me pay wise! Which is great because its only Monday and I felt like I didn’t accomplish a thing last week. The payment of Bubblews will actually put me real close to my goal of making $400/week. As long as I get some articles in and through editing with my content mill, I should be golden because I’m already halfway there and its only Monday!!!

Say what you will about Bubblews, but I did nothing but let articles collect residual income and pushed the button when I got to $50 (I always go a little over $50 to accommodate spammy comments). But, it is nice to know I still have that $50 in my back pocket. It takes a month to get it, but it looks like I can make $50 a month without doing anything on the site. Love it! 

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