How to Effectively Remove Dead Hair and Dander from Your Dog

The Stray Dogs

The Stray Dogs (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Allergic to dog dander but can’t live without your canine friend? Careful dog grooming is an effective way to control the presence of animal dander in your home. Here are three things you should often do to remove dead hair and dander from your dog:

1 – Bathing

Frequent, thorough bathing of your dog effectively removes dead hair and dander. Research proves that washing a pet two to three times a week can remove up to 84 percent of the surface allergen and reduce the amount of future allergen produced. Unbathed dogs experience skin irritation making them lick and spread saliva all over their fur.

2 – Brushing

Frequent brushing of your dog’s fur or coat helps distribute oils and reduce dancer. It also stimulates your pet’s skin making it healthy and in great condition. Find or hire someone to regularly groom your dog. If you must do it yourself, wear a mask and protective gloves.

3 – Healthy Dog Diet

Remember to feed your dog quality food to avoid allergies and skin problems on your pooch’s part. Beef and chicken tend to cause allergies, as well as soy, wheat and corn. Choose a diet that fits his condition or breed. Include Omega 3 and fatty acids in his daily meals to help his skin retain moisture. Consult your veterinarian about dietary supplements like sunflower oil and vitamins.

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