Effects of Hydrogen Peroxide Hair Bleach – Will Peroxide Damage Your Hair?

Will hydrogen peroxide hair bleach damage my hair? Many people who are interested in coloring their hair ask this question before they begin the process.

Whether you color your hair at home or have gone to a salon to have it done, you want to ensure that your hair looks its best. Hair that has gone through some form of processing is subject to more stress from chemicals.

Hair coloring- https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Haircoloring.jpg

Hair coloring- https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Haircoloring.jpg

Chemically processed hair can become dry and brittle over time, losing its natural luster. The shape of the tresses may change as well, since the products that are used on the hair alter it at a deep level. Hairdressers often recommend regular treatment as a way to offset the damage that is done by chemical processing.

Will peroxide damage my hair if bleaching is done at a salon? The answer is yes. Although the household peroxide used at home is not exactly the same as the one used in a salon, salon products can still damage hair. In fact, the hydrogen peroxide hair bleach used in a professional environment is stronger.

Peroxide free hair color brands do less damage to hair since they do not contain any peroxide. Most of these brands highlight the fact that their product is free of peroxide. When you use these products, you are less likely to have split ends and dry, brittle hair. Some people also have hydrogen peroxide sensitivity and their skin becomes red and blisters when it is exposed to hydrogen peroxide hair bleach.

Both men and women use hair coloring products to look their best. Some use it to give themselves a different look by changing the shade while others want to cover grays. However you use these cosmetics, it is important to be careful about what you put on your body. All natural lime juice can be used to lighten or bleach hair with less irritation. Peroxide free hair dye is considered safer for human health and carries less risk.




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