Election: Why do so many white people like Trump?

Election: Why do so many white people like Trump? Because they want America to be like it used to be: dominated by old white dudes. Because they are still angry that Obama won the election eight years ago, and they hate anyone who isn’t white. And that means people of color Trumps, a bigot, and they flock because he’s an old white dude that is mad about everything. Mad that their silver spoon of privilege is now shared with people of color and women.

White males are disenfranchised because their domination over everyone else in America is slowing fading. They don’t like the fact that Hillary will level the playing field for people of color and for women. Those white males don’t want Hillary to address wage equity. Even though it would raise their daughters, wives, mothers and niece’s paychecks. It’s because they fear that if women become empowered that perhaps their wives would be able to support themselves and it would lead to divorce because they would be able to make it on their own. Think about it, why would those type of men want wage equity for women?

Baby boomer women have worked for over 40 years at a reduced rate. In 1975 women made 74 cents on the dollar that men make doing the same damn job. Now its 79 cents on the dollar. We are demanding progress on this issue. And Hillary Clinton as a woman would make it her priority. Where is the outrage that this hasn’t been done already? Oh, that’s right, the Congress is run by old white dudes.

Hillary would also protect a woman’s right to choose and would keep funding Planned Parenthood. With over 7 billion people in the world, I think having access to birth control is wise. Women have to realize that if Trump gets in, he will put in a Supreme Court Justice that would try to overturn Roe VS Wade. What people don’t realize is that one in three women in America has had an abortion. They are your mothers, wives, cousins, daughters. They just don’t tell you about it.
Why aren’t more men getting vasectomies? So that their women wouldn’t get pregnant in the first place.

And what’s with the women who support Trump? Even after the way he speaks to women calling them pigs and fat slobs. Or that he sexually abuses women? And still. you remain loyal to this monster? He’s a racist, sexist, old white dude that wants to build a wall to keep Hispanic ‘s out. All he talks about is fear about Hispanic’s and Muslims. He wanted to stop immigration of Muslims. And still, you stand with him?

He’s accused of sexually assaulting more than one women, and yet you stand with him. That says a lot about Trump followers. Like he said, he could stand in the middle of 5th avenue and shoot someone, and still his followers stand with him.
Look at yourself in the mirror. What are our children witnessing?

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