Electric Cords (And You) Are Safer With the Pool Safety Pack

Pool Safety Pack
Everybody knows that electrical cords need to be kept dry. So when used near a pool or on a wet lawn, the electrical cord had better be made to waterproofing standards. That makes sense, but what happens when two cords need to be connected together because one just isn’t long enough? Then the connection between the two is vulnerable and must be dealt with. That’s the whole idea behind the Pool Safety Pack.

Keeping water away from the electrical cord connections comes as a matter of course through 3 distinct products bundled together. The first, the Cord Dome, is green, dome shaped (obviously) and large enough to cover/protect the connections from a power strip or an irregular adapter. Its top also has a fin-like pattern that makes it easy to grab for transport.

The second product is the Maxx and is designed like a large case, sort of like that for a piccolo but not as long. Open it and insert a cord into each end and then connect the two cords together. Close the case and you’re done. The Maxx is designed for heavy duty cords that are thick and so need more room for maneuvering about.

The third product is similar to the Maxx but smaller because it expects its cords to be much thinner. But it works in the same fashion with being opened, having the cords placed into it at each of the two ends and then closing so as to protect the connection between the two.

The Pool Safety Pack has a simple job to do and does it well — having an electrical connection get wet is not something worth contemplating because that’s the antithesis of safety. So if you’re going to have electrical cords working around problematic wet areas, then this is what you need. How could anyone complain about paying $49.95 for that?

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