Electrical Safety Tips for a Merry Christmas

Christmas is fast approaching. It is one of the most anticipated seasons of the year. In fact, people in some countries start to celebrate Christmas at the beginning of the “ber” months; that is September, October, November and December. Because people use lots of electrical devices during Christmas, it is also a season for electrical safety consciousness.


Christmas is the time when people use plenty of miniature lights to decorate their Christmas trees and hallways. Christmas lights are blinking everywhere from homes to offices to supermarkets. Decorative lights and lanterns are a sight to behold, but they present an added risk because it makes homes and malls prone to serious electrical accidents. In order to avoid mishaps, it is important for authorities to issue electrical safety precautions to avoid untoward incidents. Celebrate Christmas without the risks of electrical incidents. Make this real by observing these measures to ensure that you spend holidays with fun.


Christmas Trees


There are two types of Christmas trees – these are the real and artificial ones. If you are using the real tree to decorate your home, be sure to water it all the time to keep it wet while it stands in your living room. You need to keep it wet to preserve its fresh look and to prevent it from drying up. Dry trees can easily catch fire at the slightest spark or due to excessive heat.


Christmas Lights


These are one of the most common causes of incidents that compromise electrical safety during Christmas. Before installing them in your home, you should check each strand to make sure that the cords are not damaged and no connections are loose. Use lights that have fused plugs to ensure safety.


Use insulated hooks to hold your Christmas lights in place. Screws, nails and other materials that are not insulated might trigger a short circuit that can lead to a serious incident,


Plugs of lights that are run across the ground should be mounted on an elevated electrical outlet to keep it safe from water or rodents. If there are any burned out bulbs, make sure to replace them with new ones that are of the same wattage.


Always buy lights that are UL certified. This is your guarantee that the product you buy has passed rigorous safety tests.


 Make it a habit to turn off your Christmas lights every time you go to sleep or when you leave home. This is one of the most important electrical safety practices you must bear in mind. If something goes wrong with your system, go get a qualified electrician services provider to arrest the problem and prevent it from getting worse.


These are some of the most applicable safety precautions for the Christmas season. It is the time of the year when the the firefighters are at their busiest – simply because electrical incidents are at their highest level. But this should not deter you from decorating your house to celebrate Christmas. By observing practical safety measures and using some common sense, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t take out your dancing lights to tell the world that it’s Christmas and you’re a part of it.


photo credit for featured image: Jo Naylor (flickr.com)

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