Really Enjoy Listening With 1MORE’s Triple Driver Over-Ear Headphones

Listening to music outside the home really took off once smartphones became ubiquitous. But part of the results was that a ton of low quality earbuds and headphones went on the market. If all that’s cared about is saving $$, then 1MORE’s Triple Driver Over-Ear Headphones won’t appeal. So it’s for those concerned about REALLY hearing the music they want to spend their lives listening to.

By definition, an over-ear headphones cuts out extraneous sounds due to cupping over the ears (creating a seal, if you will). This also allows room for bigger “drivers,” the speakers that convey the sound into the ears. But two big disadvantages to such headphones, according to some, is their lack of portability — they aren’t convenient to take along, plus they cease being comfortable to have on really quick. Dealing with this right away, a folding design enables these headphones to be collapsed into a much smaller space; no these won’t ever fit in a pocket, especially if you use the included travel case, but the more compact shape is better suited for traveling.

In this case, there’s not a single driver pushing forth the sound but 3 — a nicely large 40mm graphene dynamic driver plus a ceramic tweeter and a bass reflector. As far as the physical allocation of usability goes, the ear cups have closed, not open, backs. This results in better sound isolation from what’s trying to get in from the outside. 1MORE sensibly avoids using any kind of active noise cancellation and so avoids even the chance of discoloring the sound. There’s no Bluetooth either.
Adding to the overall durability, the NAME isn’t puny plastic but instead composed of an anodized aluminum alloy. For the ear cups and that includes the headband as well. Use of such a material also minimizes fingerprints dotting their surfaces. After all, people will be looking at you so why not have a clean appearance that extends to the headphones you have on?

Just as well made is the detachable cable – you’re not stuck with a broken or frayed cable should the unthinkable happen — and it’s of the same high standard as the headphones adhere to, being audiophile grade. This is accomplished through the copper wiring being oxygen-free (which purportedly means better conductivity and transfer of low-frequencies) combined with the fact that the sheathing is Kevlar-based and so able to handle the wear and tear of use. The plug is gold-plated (expected).

Comfort comes from attention to two areas: the headband is leather cushioned and adjustable to surround the head, while the ear cups rotate to better conform to the ears — they’re leather cushioned as well. The leather is also “breathable” and so avoids moisture buildup. Grooves on the inside of the headphones meanwhile help to moderate away the pressure of wearing it.

Rather than having that single dynamic driver do all the work, the inclusion of the tweeter and bass reflector help to distribute the sound load (as it were) and works mightily as a cudgel against audio distortion. To tune the sound field for maximum exposure, 1MORE turned to Grammy winning sound engineer Luca Bignardi. The job to undertake: balance and fine-tune the output to create a precise soundstage.

Which is what it’s all about — what you hear. Putting the headphones on takes a few moments to suit one’s head, and then it’s a comfortable fit that can be ignored. Plugging the cable into an audio source (for example, an iPhone) opens up a wide landscape of audio delight: what you hear now isn’t any different than what was already there, but before those less-than-sound-expansive headphones couldn’t cut it. The type of music being conveyed doesn’t matter, but its resolution does — so Hi-Res audio is preferable to give these headphones the workout they can handle and your ears the sound quality they deserve. The audio that’s being outputted won’t be harsh nor lacking in detail across the board: bass, mid tones and highs are all well represented here (with a frequency range of 20,000-40,000 Hz).

The Triple Driver Over-Ear Headphones has a sleek Titanium appearance and performs well. That’s what you get for an affordable $249.99 retail.

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