Ensure for Cats-Supplement Safe for Elderly, Sick Felines

Ensure for cats is a special supplement that may be safely given as a meal replacement. It is different from regular Ensure. Ensure for humans contains high levels of sugar and milk. Cats like milk but many of them do not digest it well. For that reason, giving your cat a large amount of Ensure may lead to stomach problems and discomfort. The sugar in Ensure is not really good for them either.

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Giving old cats or kittens a little Ensure for humans as an occasional treat is not too harmful. However, it should only be done on occasion, even if they are weak from illness. If your cat is suffering from weight loss due to illness, giving them Ensure for cats for a time can help them to put on weight.


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Cat Ensure Helps Cats With Oral Cancer or Mouth Ulcers



Can I give my old cat Ensure?

Can cats be given Ensure?


Can cats have Ensure?

Do they have Ensure for cats?


If you have a young kitten that already has a healthy weight, giving them regular Ensure may lead to them being overweight. The meal replacement is really high in calories so you put your cat risk of becoming obese if you give them the human version of the supplement when they are already in good health.



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Give cats Ensure?

Giving a cat Ensure

If you have a cat that is suffering from cancer or has lost weight because of illness, you can give them Clinicare Feline Liquid Diet. This is a supplement produced by the same company that makes Ensure for humans. Think of Clinicare Feline Liquid Diet as Ensure for cats, without the milk. This is better for your cats, especially if they are lactose intolerant and would have stomach pain from drinking regular Ensure.

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