Warm Up with the Tech Gear Hand Warmer Portable Phone Charger – 3 in 1

Hand Warmer Portable Phone Charger - 3 in 1
There are days when it’s just too cold outside to want to take your hands out of your pockets, regardless of how loud or vibrating the phone is screaming at you. Besides, who has special gloves that not only keeps your hands warm but lets you tap a smartphone screen? So you sneak your hand out with the phone and shiver and quake and then stuff both back in, cursing that you’ll never do it again. Or plain refuse to take the phone out till you’re back inside. But if you had the Everything Hand Warmer Portable Phone Charger – 3 in 1, you wouldn’t care.

The Hand Warmer is small and silver and has a 5200mAH battery that you charge with a USB connection. Obviously what it does is provide power to a smartphone that needs it. Who doesn’t know the drill with this by now? But the fact that it’s shaped not square-ish, not box-like but instead with a graceful curve enabling it to fit ergonomically in the hand should be the giveaway. Because the internal battery isn’t just waiting there to power a phone, but to literally heat up the charger’s exterior. This makes it nice and toasty for a hand looking for heat amidst the winter freeze. So turn it on, wait 30 seconds and now your hand can exit the pocket without fear. Or let it warm up the hand before it braves taking out the phone to use it sans gloves of any kind.

Now obviously it had better let you set just how warm you want it to get — so it does. There’s 3 different settings but none of them are going to start a blaze — it’s just going to warm up the hand doing the gripping so it can go on to bigger and better things. There’s even a built-in flashlight so you can use the beam to avoid snowdrifts or hitting Mr. Snowman (or just for finding the door lock so your key stops gouging the paint)

The Everything Hand Warmer Portable Phone Charger – 3 in 1 retails for $59.99. That’s a small price to pay for not keeping your hands warm.

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