The Evil Calling the Evil Good

Let’s explore. How can some call others out when they’re full of deception? Attacking others and claiming other individuals are evil. Hmm. Sounds as if they’re in no position to judge. Some may not know exactly what evilness is. There’s in all sorts of places. In high places, low places, in what some may seem as if a place of refuge. “The Church.” Evil takes place in the in the church. Satan knows the bible. Satan can use anyone. In fact he’s using a whole lot of people now. 

A place a lot of evilness takes place is online. We’re able to really see who these individuals are. They’re real identity. Causing trouble behind a computer screen. Going after individuals who are simply trying to live their lives.” Judging” without even introducing who they really are. Not even meeting others and judging based on what they’ve read, heard, or perceived. Evil in powerful places. Abuse of Power is an evil act.

The very ones who are suppose to look out for others are the very ones being underhanded. Pretending to help others and causing more havoc behind closed doors. The Bible tells us about the occurrences that will take place. Who will attack and betray their own people. Just because there’s a lot of evil that doesn’t mean we should be secluded. However must “remain alert.” Some who appear angelic could be like Satan himself. 

Invading in others privacy and causing disturbances. Even the law doesn’t seem to be helping citizens. They’re aware of who’s underhanded but it appears as if the events are something the Heavenly Father needs to solve. There’s way too much evilness to tackle alone. Prayer and works of course but when coming up against a fueled crowd it’s best to keep “The Full Armor of God on.” The attacks will surely come but the weapons do not “prosper.”

Who’s the main character behind the evilness? The ring leader. Perhaps more than one. Competitive periods can cause a lot of people to behave erratic. Oh Satan can’t be blamed for all the mishaps. It’s mankind who performs some of the evilness on their own. Some just wanting to get next to others. The main goal is control. The first line of attack is the mind. If the mind is taken down then the body is next. Meaning the person or persons won’t be competition anymore. Some are just full evil. Even the good will do some bad. There’s some who are beyond doing bad. They’re like Satan’s” right hand” man. 

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