Extreme Cold Closes Schools, Many Complain

DTC school close

Wind chills like this are brutal for kids going to school

An extreme cold has settled over the Midwest and many other parts of the US. Illinois winters are usually cold but we don’t deal with such wind chills very well. This morning the wind chill was nearly 15 degrees below zero. The actual temperature right now is 7 degrees.

So, yes, many schools chose to close because of the extreme cold. Ours was not one of them, but I wish it had been as I would have preferred the grand kids to stay home, where I know they are safe and warm. They did not however have to stand in the cold to wait on a bus, or walk.

Many people complained that there was no reason for schools to close just because of the extreme cold outside. I applaud the schools that made this decision. Some of the children do not have the luxury of waiting for a bus in a warm car like ours does.

Some of those kids don’t have adequate clothing, coats, hats, mittens and scarves to be out battling the extreme cold. Small hands and cheeks can freeze rather rapidly. Children are not aware of the dangers of frost bite or hypothermia.

A teacher commented on Facebook that she was from a low income area school and she was glad the school had closed because most of the students walked to school and some didn’t even have winter coats, hats and mittens. Imagine facing the extreme cold without even the basic essentials to keep warm.

While some have said, “Send them out in the cold, it will toughen them up” I feel sorry for any child that has to be out in these freezing temperatures waiting on a bus, or walking several blocks because their parents have no car.

Don’t think about how the school closings inconvenienced your day because you had to find a sitter, or had to call off of work. Think about that child that didn’t have to stand there shivering at a bus stop with nothing but a light jacket and tennis shoes in the extreme cold.


Photo credit: Morguefile / quicksandala : http://mrg.bz/VqDQes

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