Eye Examination – When Is It Necessary?

Eye problems are not uncommon in this day and age. There are a lot of people who have them but they’re not sure when to see a professional to have their eyes examined. If you are not quite sure what to do, here are some simple tips you can consider for a safe and successful eye examination. These can surely help to make you certain that you need an eye specialist to fix your problem.


Unlike your teeth, your eyes don’t necessarily need regular visits to the doctor to make sure these are healthy and well. But if you can schedule a comprehensive eye examination once in every two years, you can be sure that your vision is well-taken-care-of. A regular, more frequent eye checkup is recommended if you are suffering from medical conditions like diabetes, prescription drugs, and certain eye disorders.


But there are certain signs that require a visit to the eye doctor. Your vision is too precious to ignore signs of its possible deterioration. If you experience any of these symptoms, you should submit yourself for an eye examination as early as possible.


1. Sudden Blurry Vision or Focusing Problems


If your vision becomes suddenly blurry or if you have a focusing problem, it can be a sign of a deteriorating eye health. You should not ignore them because they can get worse overtime. You should arrest the problem by scheduling an exam with an ophthalmologist as early as possible.


2. Onset of Visual Disturbances Including Obstructed Vision or Flashes of Light


These symptoms can indicate serious disorder that may have affected your retina. If you experience any of these symptoms, you must seek immediate medical help at once.


3. Deteriorating Vision


Gradual deterioration of vision normally comes with age. But if your work involves long hours of looking on the computer screen, focusing a microscope or reading, eye degradation can happen prematurely. If you notice that your normal focusing distance is changing, you should have your eyes checked as soon as possible.


4. Frequent Headaches


Headaches can indicate a lot of problems, but it is also a warning of a deteriorating eye health. If you experience headaches that recur time and time again, you should schedule a visit to an eye specialist.


5. Eye Strain


Eye strain can be caused by many factors including allergies, cold or flu. If you experience this in the absence of the other triggers, it can be a sign that your eyes need medical attention.


6. Squinting


Squinting is a big indicator of a reduced ability to see or focus. If you do this frequently or if you notice your child doing this especially when reading, you should see an eye specialist to have the problem fixed.


7. Sensitivity to Light


Sensitivity to light is an indication that your eyes may be suffering from certain disorders. Have it confirmed and treated through an eye exam.


8. Eye Infection


When your eyes get itchy, red, sore or swollen, they are probably infected. You must not ignore these signs to prevent them from getting worse. An eye examination would be your best bet to solve the problem.


These are some of the common signs that your eyes are in need of medical attention. If you haven’t had your eyes checked for the past two years, you should consider having them checked by a professional like the optical clinic in Colorado now. This can help to ensure that your sense of sight is kept in good health, even if you think your eyes are working normally.

image credit: 12019 (pixabay.com)

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