Eye Makeup Guide for the Older Woman

Eyemakeup guide for the older woman

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As you get older you can’t really get away with the same eye makeup look you’ve had all your life. The smudged, smokey look can make you look older and a little spooky. It can catch in fine wrinkles and look messy and runny. You can keep the smoke ABOVE –on the top lid at the corners as long as it has form and is not too dark. There are many medium neutral shades for this purpose.

And heavy, eye shadow in metallic or bright shades can just look overdone and tacky. The look should be all about clean lines and minimalist shading which can lift your eyes, accent them and make you look fabulous! Here’s an eye makeup  guide for the older woman that is simple and easy to follow.


Eyeshadow for the older woman should not be heavy or too bright. Although the heavy shadowed eye and thick liner is in right now, so is subtlety and classic neutral shadow. The metallic eye colours of today are mostly for younger women, but the mature woman can use them tastefully, on the outer corners, if she blends medium dark colours towards the centre of the eye.

Keeping the eye shadow shape contoured and slightly uplifted in the outer corners in a little wing shape really compliments your looks and the shape of your eyes. This look can be used for evening shadows too.

Contour with eyeshadow as opposed to just swiping cover over the lid. After you’ve applied your medium or lighter shadow to the inside of the eye and across the lid, you then continue the application with a slightly deeper colour at the outer corners and blend in toward the nose. Try to keep the shadow at the outer corners tilting slightly upward in a soft wing shape and not too dark. Medium, neutral shades work best for this. You can stop 1/3 of the way in with these darker colours and blend so there is not a definite line between the light, inner colours and the dark, outer contour ones. You can use light grey or blue, lavender, cream, or taupe as your inner eye shades.Contouring will give your eye glamorous shape and not just be a smudge of colour that does not flatter at all and has no purpose.


Well-applied eyeliner does so much for the eye. It defines and accents and can look sophisticated and flattering if it is done right. As we get older, it looks best to keep the eyeliner fairly thin and of a neutral dark colour. Even though pencils can do the trick for a soft casual look during the day, nothing looks as wickedly classic and alluring as a thin, sharp,dark liquid liner applied to the base of the lash. This can be intimidating for you to try if you haven’t perfected it yet, but there is a little trick that can help you get that line perfect.

When you’re practising, don’t wear any other eye makeup. Get your liquid liner and a damp q-tip. Follow from the outside corner and work in toward the nose. Try to create a little curve or wing at the outer corners and then continue along the lash line. Don’t worry about getting out of line or getting scraggly- just bring the liner to end on the lash line a bit in from the inside corner. Then take your q-tip and erase the mistakes, leaving a nice clean line just above the lash line.

Remember the damp q-tip is your friend and a very capable little tool to erase all the uneven-ness. Once the line is fairly straight, apply your primer or face powder above it, working as not to blur your newly applied eyeliner.

Then you can apply your eyeshadow as above and you have a great-looking accent line that will last all day- especially if you have used a quality eyeliner like the ones below.

NOTE- Sometimes your shadow and powder will blur that lovely precise line, so go over it later again,with the liner. Now that you have the first line as a guide it should be easy. You can re-apply only where it is blurred too. When re-applying, use short strokes so as not to go ‘off-line’ and proceed carefully.

The good news is, once you’ve practised this eye makeup guide for the older woman, you will later be able to apply eyeshadow more quickly and you may even venture ahead and add that eyeliner, after the shadow.

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