Facebook Pilots Pay-To-Subscribe Groups

If you have ever been and admin of a Facebook Group, you know that they can take a lot of time and effort to run well. As an admin, you need to make sure that spammers are stopped in their tracks, trolls don’t take over the group, and the purpose of the group is fulfilled. If you don’t, group members might get very cranky and they may even leave the group.

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Facebook is recognizing how much effort some admins put into their groups and they are going to be offering them the option to be compensated via a subscription fee.  This will allow group admins to put in more effort than before. They can offer more value, special content unshared with others, and bonus content that helps members of the group.

According to the FB Newsroom, the new Facebook subscription feature is being launched with a small selection of groups. One group is the Meal Planning Central Premium, a meal preparation group that includes weekly meal plans, shopping lists by preferred grocery store, and more. Another group, the Organize My Home sub-group of Declutter My Home, run by Sarah Mueller will have things like tutorials, actionable checklists, and live videos included with the subscription.

What do you think of this? If you have a following on Facebook, will you be looking for ways to monetize with a subscription Facebook group? 

If you are active on Facebook would you consider paying a fee for a Facebook group that offered something above and beyond what you normally get in groups?



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