My Favorite Ab and Leg Exercises

I am a long way from a six pack and legs of steel, but I like to work out my abdominal and leg regions. Below is a list of my favorite ab and leg exercise. 

Flutter Kicks

This exercise is easy to do. If you would like to try this exercise, you have to lie down to do it. Next you will kick your legs, moving them up and down.

High Knees

This exercise is easy to do. High knees are best performed standing up. To perform this exercise, you just simply raise your leg, your knees will be sticking out.


Walking Lunges

Waking lunges are another easy exercise to do. First, you will put one leg in front of the other, you will walk forward lowering your leg. You will repeat the process with the following leg moving forward. 

Leg Rotation 

This is the easiest exercise to do on this list. Like the flutter kicks, you must lie on the floor to do this exercise. To do this exercise, you will rotate one leg at a time in a circular motion. The smaller the circle, the harder the burn. 

Single Leg Drop

The single leg drop is easy to do as well. In addition, to this being an easy workout you will get a good burn when you do the single leg drop. This is another exercise where you are required to lie down. Once you are on the floor both legs will be in the air. Next you will lower your legs one at a time. 

In closing, I hope you are inspired to get moving. Feel free to YouTube the exercises on this list and add new ones to your personal list. 

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