Favorite Delicatessen Food

Favorite Delicatessen FoodMy Favorite Delicatessen Food Comes From Kosher Delicatessens

One type of eating establishment that can be found in almost every country is a Kosher Delicatessen. While there are many types of classic Jewish food in delicatessens, the Kosher type of deli is where my favorite delicatessen food items can be found. One reason this is my favorite place to eat is that the food offered is consistent regardless of where I am. I can enter this type of establishment and order even without looking at the menu, regardless of having never been at that specific delicatessen before.

Once on a business trip to the extremely trendy (too trendy for me that is for sure) location of Palm Beach, Florida, my host said we were going to enjoy a fine lunch and watch some celebrities go by. When we arrived at this very expensive looking establishment he was quite upset to find they were closed. The reason for the closure was a previous booking for a private event. I told my host not to worry, just take me to a Kosher Deli, that is where my favorite delicatessen food can be found. He looked at me with surprise. He told me he did not think there was such a place anywhere near Palm Beach.

I told him don’t be silly, I am aware of the ethnic nature of a good number of the fine people that live in Palm Beach. For certain there is a Kosher Delicatessen, if not on Palm Beach then within Palm Beach West. We drove back across the bridge, returning to the mainland and into Palm Beach West. There, on the left side of the highway, was just the place I was looking for.

As we sat down, with typical deli great service, the waitress offered me a menu, which I promptly and politely declined, explaining I was ready to order. She looked askance at me and waited with a smile on her face. I told her, “I want a piled Kosher pastrami and chopped chicken liver sandwich with red onions. Also, please a large dill pickle on the side and a bottle of Dr. Brown’s Cream Soda”.

She looked twice at me, especially at my blue eyes and blond hair, asking where are you from, with that hair and eyes, to order such a perfect Kosher sandwich meal. I told her my father and I had been eating at a Kosher Deli in Denver Colorado for many years. Later the meal arrived and was, as always and as expected, as perfect as it could be.

These days it is still possible to find the pastrami sandwich, but a delicatessen that still offers the chopped chicken liver with pastrami are few and far between. Never-the-less the Kosher delicatessen is still where my favorite delicatessen food can be found.

Information Link – Kosher Delicatessen


Video – Kosher Pastrami Sandwich at Oldest American Delicatessen



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