Fight The War On Muck With Brush Hero

So there are things that need cleaning but fight against you. Need an example? How about wheel spokes? Or outdoor furniture or a Bar-B-Que that has baked on crud from too many poolside parties? Or any of dozens of things that get dirty and need to have the gunk wiped off (or in some cases the equivalent of sand blasting…just joking). There’s so many things that need cleaning that there’s no room even on the Internet for listing them all. So we need a hero to save us from all this. It’s called Brush Hero.

Brush Hero quick connects onto an ordinary garden hose and utilizes the power of water — coming out with a lot more pressure applied than a sprinkler attached. The mechanism uses the water traveling through it to generate a powerful stream, but it’s not spinning like some whirling dervish but proceeding methodically. That’s just a fancy way of saying that the amount of torque is up to the task and not some insane Hulk-like. Powerful enough to get the dirt out but not so strong as to damage, meaning it can be used on a door screen, for example, without literally tearing through the mesh (and for those wondering, pet bathing may be optional according to the pet, but yeah it works here too). And for those cleaning their cars — you know who you are — who are sick and tired of the back pain from bending over for far too long to do cleanup work, this is the one you’ve been waiting for.

So as long as the water is turned on, Brush Hero will do its thing – no electronics or batteries or any of that jazz causing systemic failures or slowing things down. How much easier can it be when it’s a standard garden hose connected? And the action that has Brush Hero working serves to self-clean it, so there goes any maintainable issues to deal with the plastic construction. Which includes cleaning chemicals you might introduce into the stream — no problem. So yeah, this guy never corrodes.

It should be added that Brush Hero isn’t using scads of water to accomplish its task — realistically it turns out to be a out the same amount of water that you’d be using in a bucket with a sponge to do the cleaning. Only this is a whole lot smarter, not to mention easier and, yes even a bit of fun.

Brush Hero comes in a simple plastic case — it’s obvious how you use it and what it does. It also includes a second brush but that shouldn’t deter anyone from checking out the additional (optional) add-ons designed to make using it easier and more sensible, depending on what it’s being used on (these optional additions are a good investment). And again, remember you’re just using a regular, ordinary garden hose. The cost is pretty simple too: $34.99.

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