I have been working on my Etsy shop for four days, and I finally was able to put up the tenth counted cross stitch bookmark in my shop.  I have a few more, but ten is what Etsy recommends shop owners have in their shop — I guess as minimum items for sale.

Now, I plan to only put up one a day until I run out of my current “stock” to put up.  I’m almost done with the bookmark that I am currently working on, but I need to make two more, as my mother (who sews on the bookmark backings, since I don’t sew) likes to have at least three to do at once.  So, it will take a while for me to finally be done with two more. 😉

Do you do crafts of any sort?  Have you ever tried to sell them on or some other venue?  Years and years ago, my mother and I would do craft shows.  I would sell my bookmarks, and Mom would sell dolls that she had made and clothes for them, along with a few other things.   That was a lot of fun.

My main focus has been on listing bookmarks, so I haven’t been able (or had the mental energy) to write as much as I’d like the last four days.

How are things going in your “neck of the woods” ? 

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