How to Find an Experienced Supplier for Dekton in the UK to Ensuring Your Worktops Won’t Crack?

Investing in stone requires a lot of care especially when it is related to the product’s integrity, so as not to end up having confusion with its cost. That is why it is essential to safeguard Dekton London in the UK. , ensuring that Dekton won’t crack when handled by an experienced fabricator and installer. Someone, who will ensure that the product receives proper immunity from external causes and/or poor labour due to lack of experience in working with a fairly new and revolutionary product in the marketplace. Examples of inexperienced Dekton labour can result in cracks or fixtures caused due to mishandling or due to lack of the additional tools to work on a different type of material compared to marble, granite or quartz stone.

What is Dekton?

Dekton is composed under a controlled industrial environment by producing a mixture of raw materials used to create the final surface. Dekton is a new product with unique characteristics and several advantages. It is highly resistant to scratches, stains, accidental impact and can be used indoors and outdoors.

Its application requires professional workmanship which results in different type of applications and in various uses home decoration or office renovations. It is also very popular with commercial applications at bars and restaurants, reception desks, hotels and façades among other uses. The product completely changes the physical appeal of the space in which it is situated and redefines the landscape of the project both internally and externally.

Below is a video that explains some of the benefits and features of having Dekton surfaces, including performance tests:

Why choose Dekton?

Generally, someone building a home for the first time, or even those who are considering a remodelling seek for long-lasting products when it comes to choosing a material for flooring, cladding, wall, worktop, bathroom, grill  and other areas in a property, be it a residential or commercial one.

Dekton countertops are practical due to its hygienic benefits that prevent bacteria proliferation on its surface. It is also highly resistant to heat, so you do not have to think twice before placing hot appliances on top of it.

Its daily cleaning regime requires soapy water and a kitchen cloth and most marks will come out with a window cleaning solution such as the branded ones found on most major retailers and supermarkets.

The material does not require sealing and can take up the most demanding colouring agents including curry, ketchup, tea and coffee; without ever having to worry about stains.

Further to the above, Dekton is an ideal product for those who seek design continuation: the fact that it can be used indoors and outdoors without being affected by UV rays enables the end client to have the same material across internal and external areas of the property, achieving consistency in their designs which is something that more traditional products such as quartz stone are not able to provide.

It is common to have some doubts about which specific stones to use; considering the diversity in the market which feels like a full plate for most customers. After all, although the available alternatives are never too much, in the era of internet there can be too much information at times that one can digest. Dekton is at the top of the list of cost-effective and smart investment for material in most types of project.

It is not only a hi-tech material but a revolutionary product in the history of surface which has become very popular in the construction and interior décor industry. Each slab is carefully produced to achieve a myriad of new patterns and shades, never seen on other type of surfaces in the past, which makes the final product look creative and original, especially when applied in Dekton kitchen worktops, hallways, staircases and other areas including the bathroom, living room or cinema room, to name a few.

The Dekton price is something that may vary because it depends on the colour of choice, finish of the material and thickness of the surface. The great advantage about the material is that it is available in extra large sizes: 3200x1440mm and thicknesses of 8mm, 12mm and 20mm. 30mm thicknesses will be available some time during 2017 due to market demand starting with popular colours such as ZENITH, SIRIUS, DOMOOS, DANAE and HALO.

Dekton is available in polished, smooth Matte and textured finishes. The Xgloss Range offers a collection of highly polished materials never seen before in the architectural and Interior design industries. Dekton Grip is a treatment that works as an anti-slip solution for wet areas, especially barefoot ones such as the bathroom, spa or swimming pool.

Dekton tiles are available in sizes starting at 700x700mm to ultra large formats with dimensions of 1570x1400mm.

Dekton Xgloss Glacier worktops

How to find an experienced Dekton supplier?
The composition of Dekton provides it with an extraordinary hardness. However, its transport, fabrication and installation must be handled by a trustworthy and experienced provider with a concern to avoid damages to Dekton.  

The material requires new and different tooling equipment to that of more traditional stones and its handling requires not only skilled by experienced installers with this type of product. We always recommend checking whether your supplier of choice is an approved Dekton fabricator. Cosentino, the Company behind Dekton, carries out rigorous checks when it comes to machinery and also provides compulsory training to the Companies intending to work with Dekton.  
You can search for the suppliers online who will maintain the product’s integrity during the whole process.  
Reliable sources usually offer good product along with the whole package. Make sure they deliver quality, service and customer support. This way you can eliminate remaining concerns about what is best for your case.  
You can find a powerful team exclusive to attend all your matters at MKW Surfaces, which provide long warranty periods for your chosen products and work with prestigious properties and materials in London, UK and the south of England.

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