How to find the right maple syrup

Did you know when you buy pure maple syrup there is a grading system? Until recently, there was  Canadian pure maple syrup and United States pure maple syrup. They both had different grading based on color and taste. That used to confuse people, and they would not know there was a difference in grading and be totally surprised when it didn’t taste what they thought it would taste like when they used their recipe.

Before the change in the grading of the change In classifying it to  be the same for both countries . The old United States had Grade A and fancy for syrups that  were a lighter color a light taste. Then there was Grade B which was dark in color and had a strong taste.

Now there are the same grading systems for both countries.

In both the countries, they are now both have only Grade along with a description of both countries have only A grades wth a description added to it.

Now if you want a light flavor and color you would buy a GRADE a Golden and delicate taste

A strong syrup would be named grade A very dark and strong taste.

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