Elections 2016: War or peace?

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This election season is not like any we have seen in our lifetimes. Elections 2016 is about the growing cracks in America’s many bodies politic.  War or Peace? That’s not enough. This year is even more about horrific new powers the next president will have. The war between the one and the ninety-nine is our war. The progressives will battle with the extremists. The extremists will battle with the rest of us. The oligarchies of the two most powerful parties are at war with the rest of us. Many believe they are working as allies in war against the rest of us. 

What got lost is this: Democracy, equal rights, one person one vote, and justice for all will mean nothing if the government can just wipe all that out and do as they wish. 

Elections 2016 is not just about choosing the most powerful leader in the world. The next president will have frightening powers like never before. Our government empowered itself to the point where it is an imperial government.

Our government is imperial for being less responsive to our collective will than ever before in history. The next president will be the most potentially dangerous man or woman in world history.  This Washington Post writer said,

“So, in other words, over time the president has amassed significant levers of power with fewer checks and balances than Americans commonly realize”

Here’s another truth that would surprise most Americans. Soldiers do not get to choose their battles. So why should we get a choice? This is elections season 2016. All of the above fractures and choices must be resolved or we will cease to be America. That is no legacy for us to leave.

The recent Democratic Party convention in the state of Nevada is a good example of the fury that erupts when it is clear that shady dealings are going on in a political party. This particular dustup was fueled by ridiculously complicated rules for the Democratic presidential caucus.  

We all know how easy it is to exploit grossly complicated rules. Elections 2016 has been full of grossness, complication, and exploitation. 

When the dust settled, presidential candidate Bernie Sanders came out ahead of Hillary Clinton. Before that, a rousing battle ensued, with allegations and accusations being flung across heavily drawn battle lines. The images of brown shirted security personnel will not go away soon. Viral videos of the sound and fury from all sides will not go away soon. 

A healthy process actually happened. Many in the Democratic party leaders want the party machine to chug along. The party machine makes the sound “Status Quo…status quo..”  Many more lifelong Democrats are fed up with the machine. They hate that sound.

“Status Quo…. status quo…” 

Election season 2016 will be different than any other election in our history. American voters now feel empowered (or obligated) to stand up and be heard. Many more will break out of our autocratic two-party system to join the growing ranks of independent voters. 

They might not know we must elect a president who will not abuse that frightening set of powers we know so little about. They absolutely know what happens when we elect the wrong president. All of us, each and every one, believes our choice is the answer to all that ails our nation. We are fired up.

Good luck with that in elections 2016. Will it be war or peace? 






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