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One of the best things about a community like ours is that for many of us, we know the people that are around us. That does not just mean knowing the names of the people that live either side of us and are our neighbours, but knowing the name of the guy’s children who serves you in the local grocery shop; knowing that an elderly person in the street is having a birthday and none of his family are able to visit; knowing that a young mum who volunteers at the local school could really do with that buggy that you no longer need. It’s knowing their names, and their families, and their hopes and dreams for their families in the town that you love.

Being able to be in a community that has that sort of atmosphere is so precious, and it becomes doubly precious when you have your own children because you want them to be able to reap all of the benefits that living in a place like ours has to offer. The most important way that you can do that is to build up a community of care givers around you and your child that you can trust, so that they can feel the community atmosphere and love just like you can, and so that they can grow up expecting that, and contributing to that sense of community. Many people do this and ensure that they keep their children in the sort of community that they want by carefully choosing schools, tutors, music teachers, swimming teachers, and the like – but your dentist is the one person that they forget to think about.

Your dentist is such a key and vital member of your community. Your child will only ever have the set of adult teeth that they grow in their pre-teen years, and so the way that they are able to look after them, with the right guidance, will dramatically change the way that they are able to smile, laugh, eat, and chew in the years to come. For many people who reach their 60s, 70s, or even 80s with their natural teeth, it is their childhood years that really made the difference when it came to looking after your teeth. That is why it is so important that you find the perfect local dentist who not only has the skills, talents, and expertise to be able to care for your child’s teeth on the practical level, but also the charisma and the focus on community that you want your child to have surrounding them as they grow up.

This is something that Dr Paige Woods knows all too well: in her community in San Diego she has set up her very own dental practice in order to be able to really get to know the families that she helps and serves, and she has had the pleasure of being able to watch the children patients of hers grow up to be upstanding citizens of the community. For her, being a dentist means being able to give back and this is an excellent way to do it. That is why she would always recommend that parents think carefully about the sort of person that you want to be looking after your children’s teeth.

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