Fire – A Divine Gift

No one can really say how and where man learned how to produce fire. 

I learned from science books that fire leapt to life when the early primitive man struck two stones together. Then, they saw fire as a heavenly gift from GOD. To the early man fire was delivered through lighting and larva. The very first fire lighting method was produced through percussion by quickly rotating a wooden stick in a round hole.

It is assumed that the first man – made fire was produced through friction. However, studies of primitive societies suggest that they tried to preserve burning logs or charcoal realizing that they could make fire themselves. 

Stone Age tool-makers in the Paleolithic times also discovered that chipping flints produced sparks. This method continued until the 1850’s when iron was discovered.

The first match resembling the one used today was made in 1827 by an English pharmacist called John Walker. He never patented his inventions and it was copied later coped by Samuel Jones and  Charles Sauria.


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