Five Easter Gifts for Kids

Is gift-giving a part of your Easter tradition? If you answered yes on that question, then have you found a gift for your kids yet? If you are still looking and want to make your children happy this coming holiday, then we got you covered. Here you will find five Easter gifts for kids that they will surely love:

Chocolate Eggs

Chocolate Eggs

Chocolate Eggs
Chocolate eggs are a staple during Easter. These colourful candy-coated chocolate treats are one of the children’s favourites for this holiday. For a complete Easter celebration, make sure you get a bag or two of chocolate eggs. Fill a bowl and have them ready on the table or use them to decorate other Easter treats like cakes, cupcakes, crispy rice treats, sandwich cookies, brownies, etcetera.

Easter Books
From religious to activity books, you’ll find a lot of Easter-themed books as Easter gifts for kids at The Works store. For a lot of people, this holiday commemorates the resurrection of Jesus Christ. If your family celebrates Easter this way, there are books talking about Jesus, His disciples, and the miracles that he performed. On the other hand, if your family isn’t religious, you can still find several books with fluffy bunnies and other Easter characters that your kids will enjoy. Of course, don’t forget about Peter Rabbit’s adventures; you can get a single Peter Rabbit book or a set of ten to make story time more cute and interesting for your children.

Easter Bonnets
Hats are a staple fashion accessory in the UK, especially with women. If you want to start your daughters early with this undying trend, get them an Easter bonnet that they can wear to church or outside during your Easter celebrations. They come in different colours!

Easter Bunny Stuffed Toy

Easter Bunny Stuffed Toy

Easter Bunny Stuffed Toy
Are you planning a really memorable Easter celebration with lots of fun games and activities for your kids? There is one way you can make the memory last longer—get them an Easter Bunny stuffed toy! They can carry this plush toy with them throughout the year and remind them of how special Easter had been. To make this gift extra special, choose a colour and style that your kid will really like.

Easter Knickknacks
If you are looking for something different to give as a gift to your kids this Easter, an assortment of Easter knickknacks might be the solution! From key rings (that they can hang on their school bags!) to bubble wands, necklaces to storage boxes, erasers to bunny ears—you can find a lot of different Easter items on sale at The Works. You can also get them materials that themed can use to create Easter-themed arts and crafts during the holiday.

There are different reasons why people celebrate Easter. Some celebrate it because of religion; others celebrate it for fun, games and getting the family together. Whatever the reason is, one thing that most parents will agree on is that this holiday is for kids. Hopefully, this list has given you a bunch of ideas on how you can make your children happy on Easter.

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