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Cook, Mix, Mingle is a blog that explores the cultural diversity of South Florida. But since many posts are about Florida cuisine it could also be sub-categorized under food blogs.

Been actively blogging as one of my primary home business projects for years. Publishing my various blogs is rewarding and enjoyable work; but reading #blogs by others is eye-opening and a lot of fun!  Every publisher is so unique in their style and method of presentation.

The publisher, Lawrence Jean-Louis, is a young ladCook, Mix, Mingle logoy who currently hails from South #Florida and has Haitian roots. She shares all sorts of information about the area but my favorite posts are the ones about food.

For example: In a blog entry dated February 10, 2014, readers were directed to five #YouTube channels on #howto cook #Africanfood. If you ever visited or lived in South Florida (or Haiti), then you know many of the #recipes for the dishes served in restaurants or private homes, for that matter, incorporate the flavors of the African continent.

What a fabulous find for #foodies!  Five #food channels right at your fingertips!  This post should be featured in a Food Lovers Guide.  🙂

africa and florida maps

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