A Foodie’s Guide To The Best of Kolkata Street Food

Kolkata is the city of poems. It is a beauty on which stories can be woven and verses can be recited. Its washed up walls and light-colored structures are what paintings are made of. With vibrant pastels around, it is a city which is both humble and graceful. Kolkata is mild, calm and magnificent. Despite being a metropolitan city, it has the charm of a small town and the elegance of a district.

Kolkata is also India’s gastronomic gateway. The air in Kolkata is heavy with the scent of aromatic dishes and worldly cuisines. Every street has an interesting surprise and you will find yourself marvelling at the various dishes Kolkata can sweep you away with. Known for its eclectic street food and interesting culinary diversity, Kolkata can take your breath away.

Some of the most distinct and important street food items Kolkata is famous for are:



  • Puchka, Churmur


Puchka, Churmur
The word sounds like the name of a funny item, but wait for the magic. It is the most delectable food item ever. Filled with sweet and sour water, spicy mashed potatoes, and onions and many other spices, these round pastry shells are a burst of flavour in the mouth. What sets the puchkas of Kolkata apart from the ones in the other parts of the country is its lightness and the tamarind water that comes with the puchka. The aftertaste is spicy and the churmur, a cousin of puchka, only adds to the flavour due to its crispiness. The best place to eat puchkas in Kolkata is Bhawanipore and Vivekananda Park. Kali Badi and Southern Avenue also offer one of the best puchkas of the city.



  • Jhalmuri

jhalmuriA beautiful mix of puffed rice, fried dal, peanuts, freshly chopped onions, fresh tomatoes, coriander, masala seasonings, mustard oil and all sorts of crunchy items, jhalmuri is one of the most popular Bengali street snacks of Kolkata. It is present in almost every corner of the city, in tiny stalls crowded with eager customers. Stirred in metal cans, jhalmuri is eaten like a bag of chips, in carefully and skilfully rolled newspaper cones. The best jhalmuri can be found in Khirki Bhel and New Alipore.


  • Kathi Roll

Kathi Roll

Every foodie knows what a kathi roll is. This street food has been adopted by many resorts near Kolkata and in the country. Even five-star hotels like The LaLiT Great Eastern Kolkata has adopted a version of these delectable street treats in their menus. But an interesting fact is that these famous treats were first invented in Kolkata. A shop named ‘Zaika’ is responsible for this dish which is made by stuffing delicious content in a roll made out of thin roti, which is now found in every city.

Despite the many variations across India and overseas, the original kathi rolls are still available at Zaika in Kolkata. Nizam’s and Badhsah in New Market, and Kusum’s and Hot Kathi Roll in Park Street are some other places where one can find finger-licking rolls.

  • Telebhaja

This is perhaps the only street food that has have a wide range of options. Ranging from beguni, phuluri, peyaji, alu’r chop, the truly adventurous can also try aam’er chop, aada’r chop, lotey maachh’er chop, etc. The city is peppered with shacks and stalls which serve these tasty snacks. Oily and sinful, the crunchy and crispy cornflour-battered fried items include onion rings, aubergine, potatoes, to raw mangoes, ginger, Bombay Duck, coriander leaves, etc.


  • Cutlet and Chop


Cutlet and Chop

Cutlets and chops are regular phenomenon in this city. The meaty versions of cutlets, chops are usually made from ground meat and are then rolled into balls, enveloped in mashed potatoes. The crispy exterior makes the experience fun and delectable. What’s more, there are also chops which have boiled eggs inside. It is known as Dimer Devil. Whether it is hotels in Zirakpur or the food capital, Delhi, you will not find better chops anywhere else other than Kolkata. The areas in Kolkata that serve the tastiest cutlets and chops are Niranjan Girish Park, Kalika Mukhorochak and Surya Sen Street.

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