Forms of Capital Punishment

Capital punishment or the death penalty is still a heated topic being debated on a fairly regular basis.

The CONs steadfastly remain CON or AGAINST; while the PROs continue to remain PRO or FOR and posit that the CONs (those who oppose capital punishment) are really only supporting the convicts and they should shower their compassion, sympathy and possibly empathy on the families of victims, and most importantly, keep in the front of their minds that the victim did not deserve having their life taken.

Yes it is true that putting the murderer to death won’t bring back the murdered victim. But the Administrators of Justice are not trying to resurrect the dead. That’s not their job. Their duties and responsibilities – for which they are paid, some of them quite handsomely – entail maintaining the peace in the community of law-abiding citizens, and upholding the dignity and humanity of the people who are still alive, and should not have to live in fear and dread amongst each other.

I am in favor of capital punishment. Your opposing points of view and comments are welcomed. But don’t even think you will change my mind!

The only thing you will get me agree to is that the “form” of execution should NOT be crucifixion. Why? Because according to the Biblical Archaeology Review, which is a well-known and respected publication that supplies facts, data, historical information and results of archaeological findings, about life during Bible times, mainly in the Near and Middle East areas – nobody is certain as to how a crucifixion was accomplished. Based on that, how I see it, the last thing this world needs is executioners who can’t do their jobs and botch executions!!



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Execution history
Execution: The Guillotine, the Pendulum, the Thousand Cuts, the Spanish Donkey, and 66 Other Ways of Putting Someone to Death

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