Freelee The Banana Girl – Who Is She?


Freelee the Banana girl is a YouTube success in the raw vegan and high-raw vegan community. She lives in Adelaide Australia with partner Durianrider (his channel name and alias). The two are a power couple for the high-raw vegan movement and have a strong following both on YouTube and on other social media. They  run a popular website for high carbohydrate vegans and vegetarians known as The couple also founded the Thai Raw Till 4 Festival that was held for the first time in Chiang Mai, Thailand in 2014.

Freelee’s main message is the high carbohydrate message that she has shaped into a diet and lifestyle approach that she has dubbed ‘Raw Till 4’.  The Raw Till 4 diet is controversial not only in that it is an offshoot of the relatively strict Raw Diet but it also is based on a high carbohydrate approach – with 80% of calories to be derived from carbohydrates and up to 10% from protein and %10 from fat per day. This is achieved by eating exclusively raw food until 4 pm. Most of the food consumed is fruit, as this is the best option for ensuring maximum energy while also providing a huge amount of daily nutrients from fresh whole foods. After 4 pm, Freelee recommends the consumption of cooked starches like potatoes, rice or corn pasta and rice. 

The Raw Till 4 Diet also recommends avoiding or limiting salt and oil, and also consuming a lot of water daily. Stimulants of any kind are avoided, in addition to all animal products. People from all over the world are professing healing from various conditions by following this lifestyle program long-term.

Freelee The Banana Girl is a passionate advocate of animal rights, and being good stewards of the environment, and constantly receives a lot of online hostility. This doesn’t phase her, however, and hers and her partners followers continue to grow. She has also received increasing exposure in the Australian media for her unusual ideals and approach to nutrition, but her lean physique, high energy and enthusiasm continue to speak volumes in her favour.

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