Future World Isn’t A Very Pretty Future

Some folks go to movies to be enlightened and have their lives enriched by the director and his interpretation of a story. Others prefer to eat popcorn and be entertained for a few hours and then return to real life. And then there are those who revel in movies that manage to miss all the touchstones that they’re trying to hit, because they’re just kinda fun to watch somehow. It’s for these last folks that Future World seems to have been made for.

Future World is an apocalyptic movie — you know what we mean, with everyone looking grungy and 10 day beard-ish and riding motorcycles that not only have seen better days but better millennias. Guys grouped into tribes and banding together to take out their frustrations and angst on other men who aren’t part of their clique. In that way it’s sort of like today, only with cursing and massive explosions. And not to throw reality onto this or anything Ike that, but how come there doesn’t seem to be a shortage of gasoline or ammunition?

Still, it’s not all open spaces — there’s places to go and people to kill, er make that see. There’s even a reason for James Franco’s character (more on him in a bit) to be doing what he’s doing. The others of the cast, not so much. But at least they get to enjoy violence on screen that in real life would seem either horrific or just plain laughable due to the lack of real-world physics being applied.

Of course there’s also women in this film — one being particularly “action girl” thanks to not being human but a robot. Sure, robots are always beautiful women — tell that to the Terminator. And why is it they’re the only good thing in this particular age of hell? Or wherever dirty, sweaty, stinking apocalyptical men gather? Maybe that’s because men are just dumb, disgusting and all that. But they do know how to fight, use weapons and cause massive trauma to their fellows. Too bad there’s no Thunder Dome.

James Franco directed and stars in this film, not to mention being the driving force behind getting it made. He’s obviously having fun with it, even if the results are less than that many times in the film. But again he enjoyed making it and bringing it to the screen and that’s always an accomplishment. So, besides a trailer and gallery, there’s a bonus in that there’s an interview with Franco.

This Future World Blue-ray continues the theme of presenting a movie at home with exquisite detail and pretty much a close job to that seen on the silver screen (although of course 4K tops that handily). A digital copy is also included and the slipcover ensures a clean view if adding this to the section of your “Mad Max” themed library.

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