Game Changers Keep Changing the Game

There’s people out there who have an identity crisis, they don’t know who they are, or where they want to be. You may know a few but it’s really sad because they will try to “fool” people and think that it’s funny. There’s nothing wrong with having “fun” but we have to be considerate of others. Everyday they change the game, you don’t know if they’re for real or if they’re fake. Most likely they’re “fake.” They have difficulties building friendships because they’re so full of games.

No one can trust a “game changer” because they’re selfish. They care about themselves and no one else. So be careful, they will try to run game on you, don’t worry because you can always change the game on them. If people stop playing games then everyone would be “happy.’ You can’t get away with putting people’s business out there and not say, “sorry.” That’s what “game changers” do. They don’t care about people’s “feelings.” They just want to win.

It’s kind of sad because they end up losing a lot of “genuine” friendships because they are so “playful.” It’s kind of annoying. They’re not humorous but annoying because they will say that they “trust you” but you can’t “trust them.” How irritating. So, “never,” give them your personal information because they will expose it to the public and you will get “embarrassed.” Sigh. 

That’s what “game changers” do. They you know any? They will try to manipulate who ever they come in contact with and they will turn things around. They will they what you did but not what they did. People will find out the truth and they will be exposed as “Beast.” Don’t fall for their games just stay “focused.”

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