Gaming Travels Better With the Core Gaming Backpack

Core Gaming Backpack
Gaming at home means that you’re familiar with and comfortable with the mouse and keyboard and laptop (if not using a desktop) that’s right in front of you. So you play better than when forced to use someone else’s stuff. But it’s tough to take your own gaming stuff “on the road” because no backpack is really made for traveling with gaming gear. Until the Core Gaming Backpack came along, that is.

The Core Gaming Backpack is a backpack — everybody can agree on that. But both its physical construction and what can be found inside of that construction has it standing out from others. Because it’s geared for game travel. So let’s start with what you can see with everything zipped up.

Durability would seem to be assured through the use of ballistic nylon mesh and well designed zippers (meaning they won’t fall off the teeth anytime soon). Looking at the back, it’s obvious that the straps are padded, cushioned mesh, with corresponding cushions on the backpack’s back — all resulting in a more comfortable fit and better distribution of weight with a shock absorbing attitude complete with air-flow for ventilation; something really desired especially after long times have gone by while wearing the backpack. This cushioning extends to the handle, which has a solid heft and is accompanied by a trolley strap (for stacking on other luggage).

Turned back around to the front, the first thing seen is a Velcro panel designed for a quick-hold, attaching or replacing of patches; this allows customization and personalization without being forced to keep it as is forever. Next seen are the the zippered side compartments found from top to bottom on each side (totally 4), which are made for carrying the expected water bottle, but also can serve duty for a wireless mouse or any number of cables, a phone or other small items (digital camera, etc.).

Next up are the three zippered main compartments, each varying in size, with the front most one holding small items like pens and cables and other small accessories (including compartments designated for microSD cards and USB thumb drives), another compartment with a headphone holder, space for carrying flies and a fleece lined pouch good for touch screen devices. The final large compartment at the back has a TSA “checkpoint friendly” enclosure with a Velcro strap for an easy removal to take out what’s in there for checking and then placing back. Since this backpack is geared for traveling with one’s gaming stuff, it makes sense that there’s plenty of space here for a laptop (up to 18”) or other large device (we’ve already noted about storing a mouse above and there’s a special compartment for holding a full sized keyboard). This makes transporting one’s gaming gear an easy task and keeps the muscle memory working as it should with the gaming components that are already familiar.

Running through the backpack’s interior and terminating in an exterior socket is a USB 3.0 charging port. This enables charging of devices without having to rummage through the backpack — providing that a power pack/battery charger has been connected to its other end, where a special pocket “lives” for holding such a powerbank/charging device. There’s also an internal-traveling power cable for connecting to a laptop from a powerbank that is inside.

The Core Gaming Backpack’s dimensions come in at 19.5 x 17.5 x 9″ and retails for $129.99 (sans any accessories). To say there’s plenty of room for gaming stuff would be an understatement, so instead just say that the gamer isn’t going to be able to blame poor performance on not being able to have his preferred equipment on hand.

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