Garmin Vivofit Fitness Bands make it Easy to Walk Five Miles a Day


This is Laguna Beach, the beach where the author walks daily. (Photo taken by author, Deborah-Diane)

I have never thought of myself as athletic. I never played team sports; I am not a strong swimmer; I cannot jog more than a few feet.  As a result, when I read that everyone should strive to walk 10,000 steps a day, I thought that would be an impossible goal for me.  I never dreamed that one day I would be frequently walking five miles in a day … and not even feel exhausted afterwards!

The New Fitness Bands are Inspiring!

When my husband and I gave ourselves Garmin Vivofit Fitness Bands for Christmas last year, I set my goal at a very modest 6,000 steps a day. I read that people who walk at least 6,000 steps a day have a very low rate of osteoporosis. I thought that was a reasonable goal. It is almost 2 ½ miles a day. I can easily walk that far in less than an hour.

That was nine months ago.  Gradually, using my fitness band, I became more aware of when I sedentary and how much I was moving a day. Since I am 66 years old and retired, I had come to accept that being sedentary is normal for a woman my age.  Now I know that that simply is not true.

Here are Examples of the Vivofit Fitness Bands That are Available

Find a Partner Who Likes to Walk, Too!

I found a friend who also enjoyed walking and we began going to the beach every morning and walking until we had covered 6,000 to 7,500 steps. Afterwards, I would frequently run errands, then go home and do some light housework.

After just a few months I am shocked to realize that several times a week I am now walking at least 4 to 5 miles during the day!  It has actually become effortless!

It has helped me lose a little weight and even improved my cardiovascular health. When I took a stress test a few weeks ago, the nurse told me she was impressed that I was able to complete it, when many people cannot. I’m sure the only reason it was possible was because I have built up my stamina over the past nine months, since getting my fitness bracelet.

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