Gastroparesis : Delayed Stomach Muscles


What is Gastroparesis?

Gastroparesis, also known as delayed stomach emptying, is a rare debilitating disease that literally means “paralysis of the stomach”. Gastroparesis is a condition that that affects the stomach muscles and prevents normal stomach digestion. When someone with gastroparesis eats, the food will stay within the stomach for days, sometimes even weeks, rather than digesting within the normal 24 hours.

What causes Gastroparesis??

The cause of gastroparesis is unknown. Nothing has been medically proven with this condition. When some people who have diabetes develop gastroparesis, its called diabetic gastroparesis. Some people have reported developing gastroparesis after surgery, more often, various stomach surgeries.

What are the symptoms of Gastroparesis?


-Feeling full when little food eaten

-Pain in abdomen, and upper abdomen


-Dehydration/Loss of appetite or malnutrition

-Excessive Weight loss

Is there a Cure for Gastroparesis?

At this point in time, there are no cures for this stomach condition, though its been said that certain changes within your diet may help, along with prescribed medications to help.

If you feel like you have one or more of these symptoms, seek medical attention, to hopefully rule out gastroparesis altogether.


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