Gatchaman Toys, Female Characters Live Action Suits and Evangelion Wallpapers

Gatchman toys are another way to enjoy this anime which features a hero team of the same name. Gatchaman fights against an alien invader known as the Mess. The television series is set in Tachikawa city in Japan.

All of the Gatchaman fighter toys have special powers through the G-suits that they wear. The action series features a female heroine known as Hajime Ichinose. The Gatchaman female character Hajime is the lead character and toy in this anime. Sugune Tachibana, the male lead, acts as her mentor.


Gatchaman Toys, Female Characters Live Action Suits and Evangelion Wallpapers

Gatchaman Toys, Female Characters Live Action Suits and Evangelion Wallpapers


Gatchaman toys

Gatchaman live action suits

Gatchaman crowds female characters list


Sources of Conflict in the Gatchaman Team

Tension arises in the anime due to the difference in the personalities of these two characters. The male is serious while the female is portrayed as a giddy headed person.

Lead Female Character in Gatchaman- Hajime Ichinose


Male and Female Characters in Gatchaman

The list of characters in the original Gatchaman series is not the same as those in Gatchaman Crowds. The characters in the manga each play a role in defending the earth from the alien invader, the Mess. Apart from the two mentioned earlier in this article, they include:

  • Joe Hibiki
  • Paiman
  • J.J. Robinson- he gives the power of Gatchman to each of the fighters and is known as the magical guardian of Earth
  • Ninomiya Rui


Hajime Ichinose Cosplay


Gatchaman Crowds Wallpaper

Gatchaman Crowds wallpaper is available on sites such as Desktop Nexus. If you want to set it as your computer’s desktop background image it is fairly easy to find a site which has it available.

It is fairly popular among anime fans and can be found among wallpaper for games such as Full Metal Alchemist, Evangelion and Gunslinger Girl. This is a set of Evangelion wallpapers.



List of all evangelion wallpapers


Imagi Gatchaman Trailer



Gatchaman anime

Gatchaman game


Some gamers regard Gatchaman as the future of video games due to the fact that it encourages gamers to do good in real life in order to gain points in the game. This is made possible through the GALAX app. Through this app, gamers receive missions based on their expertise or professions in real life.

The Hajime character encourages people to look outside of themselves and help others. She doesn’t hesitate to help in a bad situation and encourages those without superpowers to do the same. This is different from the value system that is sometimes encouraged in a number of video games today.

This Gatchaman is different from Science Ninja Team Gatchaman, which was released in the 1980s and features a five member team of humans. Games published as a part of the Science Ninja Team Gatchaman Series include:

These games all feature characters from the Tatsunoko franchises. Science Ninja Team Gatchaman is one of these franchises, so some of the characters that gamers like in that game may appear in one or more of the Takara games mentioned above. Gatchman toys are action figures based on the characters in Science Ninja Team.

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