Activ5 Is Like A Tiny Gym In Your Pocket

Of the many different ways to exercise, isometric exercise has the advantage of providing full-body workouts that are low-impact yet actively involve the means to build strength and tone the body. An isometric exercise — using your muscles against one another — doesn’t have to be long either; they can be as short as a 5-minute workout. The trick has been finding a way to not just follow a sequence of workouts over time, but track the results in order to give the person both detailed information as well as a “pat on the back.” So that is where Activbody’s Activ5 comes in because it’s like a tiny portable gym.

The Activ5 may look a bit like a somewhat squashed hockey puck, but being an electronic device has its advantages. For one thing, it has Bluetooth so as can be imagined, that means it pairs up with an app on your smartphone (iOS/Android) through a long lasting replaceable ‘AAA’ battery. You use the Activ5 to perform isometric exercises as dictated by the app. There are over 100 to choose from, some seated versus standing and coordinated via levels to match a person’s desires and abilities. And all short enough to fit into one’s schedule. It certainly helps that the Activ5 is small enough to be easily carried — be that in an oversized pocket or a travel bag or laptop bag or suitcase. In other words, the Activ5 can travel with you and be just as available to use as that smartphone in your pocket.

So is it like having a personal trainer in your pocket? The trick is that you have to use it, but who can’t regularly spare at least 5 minutes a day? These exercises aren’t boring either, with game-oriented exercises being part of the mix. Of course the app also “understands” and calibrates to the particular strength level of the person using it, tracking one’s progress over time and allowing for (optional) reminder alerts.

As must be obvious by now, the Activ5 itself is used by pressing one’s hands against it in a specific manner as necessitated by the exercise. It’s been rated to handle 200+ lbs of muscle force, so there’s no fear of it being crushed. The 100+ exercises uses different means to keep the interest and provides for exercise. As to the “games”, these are self-contained and stand-alone in the app, but there are also additional ones you can download such as SUMO and FLY, with FLY having you “fly” around the world and SUMO being exactly what you think (SUMO can also go dual “player” with another who has the Activ5). Like those found in the app, these two games do not use in-app purchases, while others such as Elude, Creep, Jump, and Polygon Swap do offer in-app purchases.

The Activ5 retails for $120.00, with deluxe package as optional (among others, it includes a small stand for avoiding having the phone lying flat on surfaces). Not everyone has the time or inclination to go to the gym, but for those looking for a low-impact means for toning/strength building exercising that can be used almost anywhere, here you go.

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