Warm Up the Music in Your Head With the 1 Voice Beanie Wireless Headphone Hat

1 Voice Beanie Wireless Headphone Hat
Getting music in your head may start with your ears, but it also needs speakers against those ears if you’re going to listen in private. That’s why headphones were invented. But what if you need to keep your head warm and want your ears covered but don’t want some doofus looking earmuffs? Then you go cool with a covering that takes care of both head and ears that also has headphones. Or to simplify, you put on the 1 Voice Beanie Wireless Headphone Hat.

Charcoal or black in color and made from acrylic which can be machine washed, anyone looking just sees you wearing it. But against your ears are stereo speaker discs being held in position, with a Bluetooth receiver’s tech stabilizing the audio signal as it streams the music from the smartphone in your pocket. With a rechargeable battery providing the power obviously — about 2 hours to charge for 5-6 hours to use.

But if part of the reason for wearing the 1 Voice is to keep your head, warm, then why would you want to get your hands cold pulling out your phone just to to change the volume or start the music going or jump forward or back tracks, especially when it’s cold? So on the left side are touch buttons controlling the volume, with a center button takes care of music related things. But that center button also lets you take a call, hang up or redial the last number, because yeah there’s a microphone working there too.

Now as might be expected, the 1 Voice is going to need to be cleaned eventually (hence that part about being machine washable). But electronics don’t need that, so they get removed first (and quickly returned to their original placement afterwards).

The 1 Voice Beanie Wireless Headphone Hat comes in a one-size-fits-most and is tight knit and double layered for warmth. Plus it’s water resistant too, which is good for both your head as well as the Bluetooth receiver and speakers resting against your head. It retails for $59.00.

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