How to get used to wearing hearing aids?

Adapting to hearing aids can take a while and it’s perfectly alright to feel a little out of place initially. The first few days are instrumental as they decide the pace of getting used to the hearing aids. Apart from buying a decent device, it is essential for you to schedule regular follow-up sessions with your consulting audiologist. The following tips will help you in transitioning towards making hearing aids a part of your life:

Take some time to adapt

Think of these aids as spectacles for ears that are bothersome to the nose initially. The feeling that you’re wearing something unusual on your ears will feel strange at first but will go away in a few days. Have patience, give yourself the time to adjust to them.

How to use them initially

Doctors recommend that you should begin with wearing the aids a few hours a day. Increase the time eventually as you get used to filtering sounds. Identifying noise patterns gradually can help you to adapt and make adjustments accordingly.

On the first day, start with identifying faint sounds in a quiet room. You may listen to the ticking of the clock or cars passing by in the neighborhood. Additionally, you might be advised to list the sounds or noises that bother you and discuss them at the follow-up session with the audiologist.

The Volume

Modern hearing solutions are designed with features that regulate the volume automatically. However, if you feel the need to set it manually, keep it low or otherwise, it will definitely affect your hearing capability. You must know that hearing aids cannot match the hearing function of the ears but they will still adjust the levels according to listening situations. Therefore, refrain from adjusting the volume too often.

Discussion is the key

You might feel the need to avoid discussion in groups due to problems in hearing, especially when many people speak at once. Try concentrating on a single person in such situations and you might even move closer towards the one you want to focus on. Progressively, you will be able to control the sense of hearing as you get used to the aids.

Go out and visit public places like temples and theaters to test the acoustic levels. Although, it is advised to sit away from speakers or loud voices.  

Take care of the Aids

Like any other mechanical device, the hearing aids require a few considerate steps from the owner to retain their functionality. Here’s what you can do:

  • Perform listening checks – your audiologist will teach you how to recognize problems like feedback and irregular receptions. Through listening checks, you can identify them easily and get them fixed
  • Battery Check – batteries usually last about a week or two. Always keep spare batteries and store in a cool dry place. It’s easy to buy hearing aids batteries online in bulk. Head to Smart Medical Buyer’s website you can get an exclusive offers and quick, seamless delivery to your doorstep.
  • Regular Cleaning – you must clean the aids with a soft dry cloth on a daily basis to ensure their pristine condition
  • Power off – while sleeping at night, take off the aids and switch them off
  • Avoid moisture – In case the aid is gathering moisture, you can open the battery door, remove the batteries and leave them open through the night to dry off.

Finally, adjusting the volume of the TV and the mobile phone is something you should practice with the aids. Smart Medical Buyer also hosts some exciting accessories for your hearing aids. Don’t forget to check them out from our website.

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