Getting A Close, Personal Look At Samsung’s QLED TVs

Samsung QLED TV

TV technology has never been so amazing — who’d imagine that we could have 4K televisions in our home at prices costing less (in real dollars) than the first RCA color TVs? But for all the power of the internet and YouTube and the like, nothing compares to actually looking at a TV display in order to actually see how incredible the picture looks. That’s why it’s exciting that there are still stores you can go to where the TVs are on display, and not have to rely on looking at a web page or a picture on your phone. This was made even more clear when Video & Audio Center, an awards-winning electronics retailer in Southern California hosted the presentation of Samsung’s QLED 4K TVs. Which could be called The Next Innovation in TV. In fact it was the worldwide premiere for QLED, so saying one could be the first to see what Samsung had wrought is extremely true.

The Samsung QLED TV starts with 4K resolution and HDR (high dynamic range) technology for extreme resolution and high brightness and contrast. But the addition of a billion unique colors created by Samsung’s Quantum Dot technology does even more: it enables a highly realistic picture due to the inclusion of perfect color being delivered with more than a billion shades and 100% color volume. This means expanded color detail to be sure, but also a level of black that infiltrates dark areas and renders them more meaningful to the eye. Additionally (and unlike what one expects when not seated directly in front facing the display) there’s no loss of color and brightness should you be looking from an angle — anyone who’s been forced to sit at the end of a couch knows that the “sweet sport” for viewing has been dead center or close to it. That’s no longer the case whether viewing a flat QLED or curved QLED and how great is that?

QLED TVs are “smart” of course and feature the expected Internet capabilities that have expanded TVs from the realm of “dumb.” Even the remote is smart” as it can automatically detect and control connected devices and content with minimal, if any, programming required.

But it’s all about the picture and the crowd of onlookers who were at the Samsung launch at the V&AC store well understood that. That’s why standing in front of one of the QLED TVs was more exciting than spending time at the nearby sushi bar or drink table. Everyone understood that Samsung had again raised the bar on viewing television, and that it was now available to anyone interested in taking their viewing to the next level.

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