Getting a New Laptop

I admit, my old Delly was on her last legs for about a year. Finally, I knew it was the end, and instead of doing what I usually do, that is buy a 2nd hand laptop from an online site, I bought a brand new laptop from an online site.

Now it is lucky I’m a bit of a Geek but have friends who are 100% Geek.

In my haste to start using the computer, I was forced to create a password. Told I needed a symbol, a number and a capital letter. I think I made the first letter a symbol…anyway…it was fortunate I created another user on the computer, because when I logged off I could not get back on.

My own laptop, and I could not get back on as Admin. As a user, yeah. But everything on this new piece of *&^* needs Administrator Privilege…

So I had to take my Brand New, virtually still in plastic laptop to my 100% Geek to give it a physical jolt. When I got her back, I ignored the commands and put on my usual password and saved it as a hint.

The story does go up from there.

As a partial geek I knew enough to get rid of that disgusting insanity the Borg set as it’s ‘front page’ or ‘desk top’. I got that slop off as quickly as I could, returning to the old fashioned icons on the side. I like the icons. I can easily click on them.

As I got a usable page I immediately downloaded Firefox, then used Firefox to Download IOBit.

I never use Internet Exploder except that first time to dl another Browser. I always use Firefox as my first Browser.

IObit is a free malware prog with a number of useful aps.

I deleted a lot of stuff that came fully bloated on my new com, then loaded my usual freeware.

I love freeware. It works.

There was some prog which ‘saved’ my passwords, that went into the recycle bin. After my month’s free trial of McAfee, that joined it. In fact, all my ‘free’ trials joined it.

Now that I had a reasonably useful Laptop I had to become ‘friendly’ to an insane touch pad, moronic function keys, and a whole heap of stuff I don’t have any interest in whatsoever.

I got Foxit to read PDF, then Opera as my basic browser, then Tor for searches and other stuff, since I am so tired of the Spam I get every time I do a search.

You know if you Google ‘autism’ or ‘cheap flights’ or just about anything, dozens of spam mails fill your in box, they are all over your Facebook page, and every other site has a banner ad about autism or cheap flights, or just about anything.

Yes, Tor accesses the Dark Web. It also has some serious protection against spyware, so that you can have a little privacy.

My Laptop and I are just beginning to bond, and hopefully, it will give me ten years faithful service as did its lamented predecessor.

Photo from Pixabay

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